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UBX, Adidas Release Merch, ‘Boxing is for Everyone’ Campaign

UBX, Adidas Release Merch, ‘Boxing is for Everyone’ Campaign

In tandem with their new campaign, an Adidas x UBX co-branded line of gloves and apparel will be available at gyms worldwide

Australia-founded boxing and strength gym franchise UBX and Adidas Boxing have kicked off a new campaign, “Boxing is for Everyone,” showcasing the fitness accessibility of the popular sport and releasing a co-branded line of merchandise at UBX gyms around the globe. 

The non-contact boxing franchise (currently in growth mode in the U.S. and abroad) offers members a 12-round circuit of boxing and strength training in under 45 minutes, and an app is available for on-demand training and nutrition support.

UBX co-founder and managing director Tim West says that as the boxing and strength gym franchise expands globally, the Adidas Boxing partnership will allow UBX to deliver exclusive ranges to each market.

“We aim to release limited edition gloves and apparel that resonate with our UBX communities worldwide,” said the fitness and tech entrepreneur, who launched UBX in 2016 alongside world champion boxer Danny Green. 

Massive Growth Plans

West spoke to Athletech News about UBX’s growth plans last November following a milestone year that saw UBX break ground in New York, Tokyo, Manchester and Dublin, expanding from its presence in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

“1,500 gyms in the U.S. and 1,500 gyms rest-of-world is the current goal,” West said at the time. “Currently, we have over 500 gyms contracted to open, which makes us, on paper, 3 times larger than the biggest boxing provider in history.”

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The boutique boxing franchising also touts extended access hours for members at select locations, allowing them to train within a 24/7 window that is self-directed and assisted by digital screens. Not only is the concept ideal for those with irregular or long working hours, but the low-labor model is also an attractive selling point to prospective franchisees.

The flexibility circumvents high labor costs, which often result in gyms opening minimally during the week and weekend and limits member engagement.

“They’re actually shut more than they’re open,” West pointed out of some facilities with a limited schedule. “We knew members would train more regularly if they had more access to the gym, so we created a system that can deliver a highly engaging and effective workout even outside of staffed hours.”

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