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Inside the Rise of UBX, a Boxing Concept Poised for Global Expansion

Inside the Rise of UBX, a Boxing Concept Poised for Global Expansion

A unique concept co-founded by a world champ boxer and a tech entrepreneur has boded well for UBX as it lays out its growth plans

UBX, co-created by Danny Green, a four-time world champion boxer, and Tim West, a fitness and tech entrepreneur, has set its sights on making boxing and group fitness more accessible — and it’s quickly becoming the fastest-growing boxing brand this year.

The boxing and strength company recently announced a partnership with Adidas Combat Sports, with plans to release an exclusive range of co-branded boxing equipment and apparel. 

UBX first launched in Australia in 2016, attracting fitness consumers to its non-contact training with bagwork, padwork and strength training across 12 rounds. The approach, designed to be inclusive to fitness consumers regardless of gender, age and ability, provides a flexible start-time model for ultimate convenience. 

Earlier this year, UBX caught the eye of specialist investment and fitness franchise operator Empowered Brands, which partnered with UBX to open 250 gyms across the U.K. and the Republic of Ireland within the next five years, creating over 700 new jobs. The deal is worth £50M, according to UBX.

The company predicts north of 450 sites could open within the next 15 years based on the strength of demand.

UBX has also made its stateside debut, opening a location in Larchmont, New York, this month. The new NY location kicks off the boxing company’s expansion plans in America.

“Our initial expansion will focus on the New York Tri-state area, an influential and dynamic market that we believe will serve as a robust foundation for our further growth across the U.S.,” West confirms.

Tim West (l) and Danny Green (credit: UBX)

UBX’s growth occurs at a time when strength-based fitness and boxing are both favored fitness activities, offering a method to blow off steam while getting in a great workout. 

“Fitness enthusiasts are often drawn to boxing in a gym setting like UBX because it gives them an opportunity to move like a boxer without having to compete or step into the ring, and with the right format, structure and guidance it’s easy to start, fun to learn, and continually rewarding as you improve,” West said. “The high-intensity nature of boxing makes it a powerful workout, but the focus on skill distracts from the effort, turning it into an engaging challenge rather than a chore.”

West says the combination of physical exertion and mental focus required for boxing can create a “mindful state” that allows fitness enthusiasts to alleviate tension and anxiety, making it a highly effective form of stress relief. 

“In essence, boxing offers high-intensity interval training disguised as skill-building that promotes both physical and mental resilience,” West added.

UBX Eyes Three Regions for Expansion 

UBX revealed it’s setting its sights on the Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America regions for its expansion plans. 

“Our strategy is to target markets where functional strength, HIIT training, boxing, and kickboxing have a strong foothold,” West said. “With our unique blend of boxing and strength training in a highly convenient format, we believe UBX can differentiate itself and succeed in these markets.”

UBX has also partnered with Prova Group in Japan, a deal that will see the launch of over 145 gyms in the next decade within the region. 

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It’s a partnership that West says is exciting for the boxing company and will make UBX the largest boxing provider in Japan within the next three years.

“Given Japan’s rich history in boxing and its cultural affinity for skill-based group fitness activities like martial arts, we believe our model will resonate strongly here,” said West. “We’re set to launch our first three gyms in Tokyo this August, marking an important milestone in our global expansion.”

What’s Ahead for Boxing 

West anticipates an exciting future for boxing with the intersection of tech and fitness.

“On the exercise side, we anticipate enthusiasts will expect more accessibility to their training, along with progress tracking and real-time feedback on their effort, an overall enhancement of their training experience,” West said.

credit: UBX

From a professional sports perspective, he predicts a more immersive experience for fans.

“Real-time metrics and stats could enrich viewers’ understanding and enjoyment of the fights, much like they do in other sports,” said West. “The future of boxing, we believe, will include a more connected and engaging experience for fans.”

UBX launched “Train On-Demand,” in March 2020, an online offering with a holistic approach that covers bodyweight and equipment-based programs, nutrition and mindset content. The app, which meets the needs of a hybrid fitness model, gives members the chance to stay engaged as they travel along their fitness journey.

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