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TZ Collective Returns To Help Personal Trainers Grow Their Business

TZ Collective Returns To Help Personal Trainers Grow Their Business

ABC Trainerize’s June 6 event will give personal trainers actionable strategies to increase client engagement and retention, featuring top experts and influencers

TZ Collective, powered by ABC Fitness, has announced its speaker lineup for the upcoming virtual event Beat the Heat: How to Increase Client Engagement and Revenue This Summer, on Thursday, June 6.

The event series is presented by fitness technology company ABC Fitness and coaching app ABC Trainerize; it aims to bring together hundreds of personal trainers to learn from top earners and coaches about how to elevate their business practices. Participants also have a chance to connect with peers, increase their visibility and receive actionable advice and strategies.

Sharad Mohan, co-founder of ABC Trainerize, said that the company has been prioritizing the specific education needs of personal trainers for years and wanted a direct way to meet them where they were with as few obstacles as possible.

“When we first observed the space, we realized that no one was teaching the business of personal training, especially as a lot of businesses started to shift online,” Mohan said. “No one was showing them how to succeed in the online side. There are a few marketing courses, but nothing about how to keep them engaged once you have them as a client. So we leaned into our mission.”

Sharad Mohan (credit: ABC Trainerize)

The TZ Collective series provides a platform for knowledge-sharing and growth among fitness professionals. This will be the tenth official event since the program launched in 2019, with a total of 16,000 personal trainers and coaches attending the previous nine events. Around 2,000 attendees are expected at the June 6 event, with approximately 25% being new to ABC Trainerize.

Mohan believes in the power of community in the fitness industry, and says the TZ Collective is one way for trainers to build a network. 

“Community is so important, especially in this space because many personal trainers are entrepreneurs at heart,” he said. “I believe that all entrepreneurs are cut from the same cloth. Regardless of what industry you’re in, you’re here to solve a problem. You have this really large ‘why’ behind what you’re doing, but in some sense, it’s kind of lonely.”

Trainer Success Secrets

The upcoming event will feature panels on client engagement strategies for the summer slump, tactics to boost revenue as a personal trainer and how to expand to a holistic approach with nutrition and habit coaching.

Confirmed speakers include Dr. Ben Peterson of Aspire Fit; Ash Lane of Train With Ash; Sean Greeley of NPE Fitness and Bree Cox, owner of BodyByBree, who will be a keynote speaker and part of the client engagement panel.

Cox, a successful online trainer and business owner, said that the event series has helped her form valuable connections, including how to extend the power of community to her client base.

“Building a community has been the lifeline of our business,” Cox said. “It helps women feel supported and seen. We use the group message feature with ABC Trainerize in our challenges … so the clients can encourage one another and share their daily mental wins, recipes and reach out for friendship.”

Bree Cox (credit: ABC Trainerize)

Cox hopes to share her insights on how trainers can scale an online training business without sacrificing their personal lives.

“I love teaching trainers how to create accountability so their clients adhere to their program and get results,” she said. “In fact, our touchpoints with clients have created a very high success rate with 67% of clients continuing training with us after the initial 8 weeks are done.”

Cox offered some advice for trainers who want to grow their practices.

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“Create your business model according to the lifestyle you want,” she said. “Consider your current season of life and what you are willing to give to your clients and your business. Sell them on the story of how they will feel when they work with you, not just on the product itself.”

Trends To Watch

Mohan said he’s optimistic about trainers who participate and share their knowledge because it also exposes them to what’s trending and empowers them to forecast what’s next, which gives them a competitive edge. This is due in large part to data-driven information. 

According to ABC Trainerize, in Q1 2024, the company saw a 78% increase in clients using personal trainers, welcoming 1.2 million new clients. During the same period, clients tracked 7.6 million habits, 17.8 million workouts, and 44.5 million meals through the platform. This information helps inform decision-making. 

credit: ABC Trainerize

Mohan added that longevity is a prime growth area for trainers, and that a future event might focus on this topic. 

“We’re seeing a trend in longevity programs, and some of our customers have opened longevity clinics or started selling longevity programs,” he said. “These programs often focus on mobility, body composition and blood panel reports. For example, they might look at range of motion, visceral fat tissue and biomarkers from blood tests to create personalized programs.”

Registration for the upcoming TZ Collective is live and open to any personal trainer or coach interested in participating. The event starts at 10am PST on June 6th, 2024.

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