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Gen Z Loves the Gym, Finds Report Spotlighting Young Fitness Consumers

Gen Z Loves the Gym, Finds Report Spotlighting Young Fitness Consumers

Fitness brands are racing to attract Gen Z, and for good reason: the majority of the group is active and 73% are members or users of health clubs, gyms or studios, according to data from ABC Fitness

Fitness tech company ABC Fitness has released a Gen Z snapshot, revealing some intriguing information about young consumers and their potential to positively impact the fitness and wellness industry.

Clamoring for the attention and spending power of Gen Z — commonly known as “Generation Active” — is a strategy that could pay off, especially as their global spending power is projected to reach $12 trillion by 2030 — a feat that could make them the wealthiest generation in every region of the world, according to new data from NielsenIQ (NIQ) and World Data Lab (WDL).

ABC Fitness, which looked at those aged 18-24, discovered that 40% of young consumers consider themselves ‘wellness lovers’ while 30% identify as ‘fitness explorers.’ Their main goals? to lose weight and maintain or improve mental health.

The majority of Gen Z (66%) are active, and 73% are either members or users of health clubs, gyms or studios, with nearly half (48%) logging 4-8 visits per month. Traditional health clubs attract the majority of the Gen Z cohort (38%), followed by fitness training studios (29%), YMCA/YWCA/JCC (26%) and community recreation centers (25%). 

Within the club, Gen Z prefers to work out solo (58%), followed by 38% who opt for the guidance of a personal trainer. Still, 33% enjoy recreational and sports activities, followed by 27% participating in group exercise classes.

Over half (56%) of Gen Z uses wearable tech, finds ABC Fitness; this is supported by NIQ and WDL’s finding that over 50% have used a fitness or exercise app, and 17% have used a fitness band to monitor and track health and fitness information. The Gen Z data is part of a larger active consumer research study from ABC Fitness on fitness and wellness trends.

ABC Fitness’ report also brings encouraging news for the fitness industry at large, revealing that 12% of non-fitness facility users plan to join this year. 

The Race for Gen Z

Leading fitness brands have taken note of the rise of Gen Z, looking to meet young consumers right where they are – on TikTok, the birthplace of “cozy cardio,” “Pilates princess,” and the “30-30-30” method. Peloton made a play for the video-sharing platform, producing co-branded fitness content for TikTok users and introducing its home-based fitness brand to a new generation.  

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Still, some companies are targeting young consumers the old-fashioned way, fostering a sense of IRL (in real life) connection. Earlier this year, Adidas Training and Bumble partnered to pair fitness enthusiasts with one another to combat “gymintimidation.”  

Ultimately, brands that aren’t actively engaging Gen Z are sure to miss out, suggests NIQ chief communication officer Marta Cyhan-Bowles.

“Gen Z is the most connected, largest and influential generation yet,” Cyhan-Bowles said. “Gen Z will have fewer children – later, will have unprecedented spending power, and will continue prioritizing certain categories – like health and wellness – to an extent generations before them have not. Our analysis leaves no doubt: investment in Gen Z today will pay off tomorrow.”

ABC Fitness’ Wellness Watch Report Q1 2024 is available for download here.

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