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TikTok Taps Peloton for Exclusive Fitness Content

TikTok Taps Peloton for Exclusive Fitness Content

Live Peloton classes, instructor series, creator partnerships, class clips and celebrity collaborations will be available on the social media platform

Endless doom-scrolling on TikTok may soon be replaced with inspiration to move and get fit, after Peloton struck a deal to place its fitness content on the uber-popular short-form video platform with a staggering one billion users. The exclusive partnership has already moved investors, with PTON shares surging around 14% on Thursday after the deal was announced.

Peloton will deliver its workout content to TikTok users in a new fitness hub dubbed #TikTokFitness Powered by Peloton, a dedicated and co-branded space to inspire TikTok users (60% of whom are classified as Gen Z) with live Peloton classes, instructor series, creator partnerships, class clips and celebrity collaborations.

“Peloton and TikTok both move at the speed of culture to better serve our respective audiences,” said Oli Snoddy, vice president of consumer marketing at Peloton. “We collectively recognize the way people engage with fitness is constantly changing. Our team is excited to complement TikTok’s already burgeoning fitness content by introducing the magic of Peloton to new audiences and in completely new ways.” 

credit: Peloton/TikTok

The deal comes less than a year after Peloton’s notable rebrand, which saw the connected fitness company move away from hardware in favor of its workout content and accompanying app. The deal with TikTok marks the first time Peloton will produce social content outside of its own channels. 

“When it comes to the fitness category, we have thousands of communities coming together to connect on everything from #thefitnessjourney to bonding as #runnersoftiktok,” said Sofia Hernandez, global head of business marketing at TikTok. “We’re thrilled that this partnership will bring inspirational fitness content and entertain Peloton users who come to TikTok to learn, connect with instructors, share fitness journeys, and find community.”

Peloton’s Gen Z Push

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Although Peloton’s refreshed branding seems to have exposed the brand to new fitness audiences, the connected fitness company has struggled to convert free app users into paid subscribers. Ever the optimist, CEO Barry McCarthy assured investors on Q1 FY2024’s earnings call that with the company’s investments in its Bike rental program, a growing international presence and various partnerships (as seen with Lululemon, Liverpool Football Club, the University of Michigan, New York Road Runners and the NBA and WNBA) Peloton is “making a large bet” on growing its app subscribers this year.

The company’s latest move — partnering with the top-ranking app of the modern era — will further democratize its brand and promote accessibility to its fitness content with Gen Z, also known as “The TikTok Generation.” The new partnership follows a special report Peloton released that covers the fitness preferences of Gen Z, along with other insightful data on some of its newest consumers. 

Peloton also recently welcomed Lauren Weinberg as its new chief marketing officer following the departure of former CMO Leslie Berland, who oversaw the connected fitness company’s rebrand. In her new NYC-based role, Weinberg is now leading Peloton’s brand and product marketing, growth marketing, creative, consumer insights, membership and global communications. McCarthy has credited Peloton’s new CMO for her growth-first mindset and focused approach to scalability.

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