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SWTHZ Adds Key Players as Contrast Therapy Franchise Eyes 100+ Studios

SWTHZ Adds Key Players as Contrast Therapy Franchise Eyes 100+ Studios

As it scales nationwide, the sauna and cold plunge studio brand is welcoming scientist Dr. Susanna Søberg and private equity vet Rachel Lee to its ranks

SWTHZ, a contrast therapy franchise that’s eyeing massive growth, is adding to its roster. The wellness brand announced the appointment of hot and cold scientist Dr. Susanna Søberg to its medical advisory board and private equity vet Rachel Lee to its board of directors.

Creator of the Thermalist Education program, Dr. Søberg will serve as SWTHZ’s lead medical advisor of science and education, and will work with the brand’s product development team to enrich the member experience with educational content around heat and cold water immersion therapy, her areas of expertise.

“This collaboration is a powerful opportunity to broaden the reach of scientifically grounded wellness protocols and to make a profound impact on public health globally,” Dr. Søberg said.

“The addition of Dr. Søberg to our Medical Advisory Board is an important step in educating the communities we serve on the physical and mental health benefits of heat and cold exposure,” added Jamie Weeks, founder and CEO of SWTHZ and parent company Legacy Franchise Concepts. “Dr. Søberg’s scientific rigor and profound understanding of how these modalities positively impact human physiology are very important in driving mass adoption.”

Lee, a former private equity partner at Ares Management, will help steer the SWTHZ ship as the brand plots franchise expansion. expansion. SWTHZ (formerly SweatHouz) currently has 25 open contrast therapy studios and says it intends to open 100 additional locations over the next 12 months, which would give it a presence in 30 states.

credit: SWTHZ

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Lee’s 15 years of experience at Ares as partner and head of consumer private equity should come in handy as she helps SWTHZ scale. In her previous role, Lee led investments focused largely on high-growth, multi-unit consumer businesses and partnerships with founder-led companies. She’ll now help lead the expansion of one, something SWTHZ hasn’t been shy about

“I am excited to join the LFC team and contribute to the growth of SWTHZ,” said Lee. “Jamie and I have long envisioned working together, and I am confident that our combined efforts will drive remarkable success.”

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