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EGYM Uses AI To Create Dynamic Workout Plans at Scale

EGYM Uses AI To Create Dynamic Workout Plans at Scale

EGYM Genius leverages artificial intelligence to create personalized workout routines that adjust with users over time and, importantly, account for the daily challenges of life

Tapping artificial intelligence (AI), EGYM is ready to change the way members work out at gyms worldwide. 

The fit tech company recently debuted EGYM Genius, an AI-powered software that develops accurate, adaptable, and personalized training plans leveraging user goals and billions of data points. With its ability to link strength equipment, free weights, cardio and more by different suppliers, the software connects entire gym floors. 

“We’re working on a base of over 7 billion data points we’ve collected over a decade,” said John Ford, EGYM Chief Product Officer. “Dynamic plans are only possible with a product like Genius, which takes into account everything we’ve tracked up until the moment that you press start.”

Training Plans That Actually Work for Busy People

The way EGYM Genius adapts to our ever-changing lives makes it a game-changer for anyone with a jam-packed agenda. While prescribed training plans have been around for years, none have existed with the flexibility EGYM Genius offers until now. 

“The thing that makes Genius unique is that it enables a different style of training guidance that works better for most exercisers,” Ford said. “There have been lots of pieces of software that provide training plans for users but the issue is that they’re fixed in nature. They’ll ask you to do ABC on Monday and then on Wednesday, you do XYZ. But in reality, most humans don’t adhere well to plans like this.” 

John Ford (credit: EGYM)

“What happens is you might miss your Monday workout, then what you should do Wednesday and Friday becomes a question,” Ford explained. “The way that people actually behave with exercise, training and physical activity is much more fluid and cannot be supported by a fixed plan. That’s where a dynamic training plan, like EGYM GENIUS, comes in.”

An Engagement & Retention Booster

These dynamic plans promise to do wonders for a gym’s engagement and retention efforts. The plans’  adaptability presents users with a clear objective any time they hop on a machine, no matter the circumstances they’re dealing with. In effect, users never experience any discouraging feelings from a wasted day or derailed week because with EGYM Genius the sequence of workouts adapts with them. 

credit: EGYM

“We see the behavioral side of the fitness problem to be much larger than the training optimization side because in the end beginners are the ones who need the most help,” noted Ford. “Most of the upside is on the behavioral side and that’s one of the main targets of Genius.”

Mental blockades such as these often halt members from reaching their fitness goals and staying engaged with their gyms, ultimately reducing retention.

Data Makes Genius Better Over Time 

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EGYM Genius promises to only get stronger as its data points will grow with more and more individuals using EGYM. 

“We have our hardware products in thousands of gyms,” said Ford. “As people are using EGYM smart strength machines, we’re regularly measuring the maximum strength of those users. Same thing for our cardio integrations, they are gathering data with every workout.”

This mass of intel is especially crucial to making sure the AI integration is worthwhile for EGYM.

“It’s very difficult to use AI tools to optimize a training plan if you never have any visibility to outcomes,” said Ford. 

This data is instantly relayed to Genius, which can then adapt and adjust personalized workout plans, allowing members to track their progress, set targets, and receive feedback and recommendations for improvement. This extra level of motivation ensures that members keep coming back time and time again to push their limits and reach their goals. 

For Genius, EGYM is targeting a fall 2024 rollout.

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