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Solidcore Founder Launches Ambition, Bringing the Ultimate Fitness & Wellness Experience

Solidcore Founder Launches Ambition, Bringing the Ultimate Fitness & Wellness Experience

Anne Mahlum, founder of Solidcore and Back on My Feet, has raised $5M for her new wellness venture

Will 2023 be known as the Year of Ambition? Yes, says Anne Mahlum, founder of Solidcore and Back on My Feet. Mahlum has raised $5 million for Ambition, her new fitness and wellness venture, and she has signed a lease to bring Ambition to 220 Fifth Avenue.

“I love creating and scaling businesses that make a positive impact on people’s lives, and Ambition will be no different,” Mahlum promises.


The new fitness and wellness concept is set to open in February 2023, with three additional locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan in the works. Ambition will offer four different fitness classes and host events centered on wellness experiences. 

The boutique-style fitness studio will have both heated and unheated rooms. Classes include Pure Strength with Fitbench stations and Y bells, Athletic Conditioning, a Yoga-inspired athletic class with isometric holds, and Recovery with yin yoga.

“We feel there is a need in the market right now for a new premium brand to offer multiple fitness modalities under one roof and to provide sophisticated programming and educational tools on how to be your most optimized self to achieve all your goals,” remarked Mahlum on her latest fitness venture.

Solidcore, which she founded in 2013, now has 88 studios in 27 states. Mahlum raised another $50 million in April and promoted Bryan Myers to CEO. Her success caught the eye of Nolen Young, investor and founder of AXLE.  

“After watching Anne build a business, a brand, and such a strong community through Solidcore, I wanted to be a part of the next chapter. I haven’t met anyone else in the fitness space that is able to execute a vision and pivot quickly while building a community around her,” Young said.

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The new fitness venture promises to allow guests to meet their individual goals in a group setting while working out in a beautiful and inspiring environment. “Ambition’s four concepts will work together to deliver workouts focused on strength and endurance, cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility and mobility, and mental toughness,” said Jo Gomez, who will serve as Ambition’s Head of Product. “Each class will be taught by a highly knowledgeable and educated coach who will push you at your own level while also facilitating a team environment.” 

Gomez has extensive fitness industry experience, having previously served as Solidcore’s Director of Training and as the Director of Trainer Operations for Openfit, Beachbody’s virtual platform.

Meagan Robar, Ambition’s Head of Experience, will be accompanying Gomez. Robar has also worked at Solidcore and has worked with companies such as Lululemon, Equinox, and Disney. Jayson Siano, Founder and CEO of Sabre Real Estate, will serve as Lead Development Advisor for Ambition, and Stephanie Finigan will serve as Chief of Staff.

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