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ISSA, Plazah Partner To Help Personal Trainers Earn Money Through Ecommerce

ISSA, Plazah Partner To Help Personal Trainers Earn Money Through Ecommerce

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The collaboration could be a game changer for fitness professionals looking to increase their income through ecommerce

ISSA, the International Sports Sciences Association, has teamed up with Plazah to provide personal trainers a chance to create an ecommerce store and earn commission through the Plazah commerce site.

“This great partnership helps to expand revenue possibilities for ISSA Certified Trainers as the market continues to rebound and improve,” Craig Bradley, chief growth officer for ISSA, told Athletech News. “It also offers fitness brands a unique way to get in front of prosumers and benefits the end user greatly. It’s truly a win-win.” 

Plazah’s app connects fitness pros and consumers via personal recommendations. Personal trainers can recommend fitness equipment, footwear, tracking devices, supplements and other fitness-related products to their clients and earn a commission.

As a result of the partnership, ISSA trainers will have access to top fitness brands and discounts exclusive to them and their clients, creating additional revenue opportunities beyond coaching.

Much like fitness clubs and operators, personal trainers were significantly impacted by the pandemic. The collaboration between ISSA and Plazah gives personal trainers a chance to leverage ecommerce to grow financially, which is especially important the wake of COVID-19. 

“This partnership allows our trainers to build a stronger relationship of trust with their clients, while also increasing customer loyalty and retention,” Andrew Wyant, ISSA CEO, said in a statement. “By recommending top fitness brands through the Plazah ISSA Experts iOS app, our trainers can now offer their clients a more comprehensive approach to fitness and wellness, which is a win-win for everyone involved.”

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The Plazah app is available for iPhone or Android.

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