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Luxury Rehab Facility Targets CEOs, Celebs for $25K a Week

Luxury Rehab Facility Targets CEOs, Celebs for $25K a Week

An ultra-exclusive residential program from Highlands Recovery immerses high-earners in cutting-edge wellness therapies, for a pretty penny

Money can’t buy happiness, but it can purchase a luxurious escape for CEOs, politicians, celebrities and athletes to deal with addiction, trauma-related mental disorders and daily stressors.

Highlands Recovery, a brand new luxury rehabilitation facility in Australia, has opened its doors to welcome high-net-worth individuals looking for help and the utmost privacy – at a time when wellness and recovery services of all kinds are on the rise. The luxury rehabilitation facility’s residential program costs up to $25,000 per week.

“As incredible as this may seem, this is an under-serviced area of the market,” Highlands Recovery’s clinical director, Resh Joseph, said. “Some of (the) needs of high-net-worth individuals are quite different from other areas of society, and some of those needs can be a real challenge for an organization to meet. What we have done at Highlands Recovery is to create an organization that is supple and expansive enough to wrap around the unique set of needs that such individuals have.”

The effects of ‘CEO burnout’, in particular, have come into focus during a time when workplace wellness has begun to dominate employer conversations. Deloitte’s second Well-Being at Work Survey last year found that 75% of those in a C-suite position are seriously contemplating quitting their role in favor of a job that would better support their well-being.

Highlands Recovery’s philosophy is based on the biopsychosocial model of health and wellness, Joseph said, one that defines good health and well-being as an intersection of biological health, psychological health and social and environmental health. One area of specialization at Highlands Recovery is trauma and stressor-related disorders, as well as substance use and other addictive behavior disorders and general mood and anxiety disorders. 

The luxury rehabilitation center is nestled in a quiet region of Australia, two hours by vehicle from the closest major city, offering a degree of discretion while a professional IT specialist ensures that all digital data is safely guarded and inaccessible. 

Aside from its focus on confidentiality, Highlands Recovery visitors can unwind on its five-acre property with a lake, take in its landscaped gardens, enjoy the heated outdoor pool with an attached hot and cold spa, participate in horse riding or equine therapy, personal training sessions or a twice-weekly massage.  

The top-tier wellness amenities complement what Joseph says is at the heart of the Australian recovery center. 

“The crown jewel at Highlands Recovery is the fully manualized clinical program that has been created from scratch specifically for clients,” he explained. “This clinical program is built on the best research data available and is our standout feature.”

Highlands Recovery’s program includes a strength and conditioning component (credit: Highlands Recovery)

A full standalone aftercare program is available for clients after a stay at Highlands Recovery, which is run by therapists who have been trained in the program’s method and use the Highlands Recovery clinical manual to ensure consistency.

High-Tech Rehab

In the future, Highlands Recovery plans to implement technology to advance its health and wellness efforts for its clients, including creating an in-house app.

“This app will allow our current clients and our alumni clients to access our services anywhere in the world 24 hours a day and also be part of the Highlands Recovery worldwide community via our digital platform,” Joseph said.

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Another long-term goal of Highland Recovery is to use wearable technology to track sleep metrics, stress analytics, and movement and exercise to support long-term stability.

“The intention here is to create a set of metrics that can indicate or warn the clinical team of an impending relapse before it happens,” Joseph said. “This represents the next evolution in the possibilities of relapse prevention.”

Highlands Recovery clinical director Resh Joseph (credit: Highlands Recovery)

The Future of Luxury Wellness

Integrating technology and advanced testing is shaping up to become the next phase in prevention and wellness — for a price. 

Luxury lifestyle and fitness brand Equinox recently launched a $40,000 annual Optimize by Equinox membership, which includes Function biomarker testing and a dedicated team of health and wellness experts covering fitness, nutrition, sleep and massage. 

In Century City, California, another wellness-centered approach to healthcare is in the works for Century Plaza courtesy of lifestyle hospitality company sbe, with a brand reveal planned for fall. While the name of the longevity concept is under wraps for now, the space will be operated by longevity leader Fountain Life, which employs AI-powered diagnostic tools to detect disease and offers longevity and performance therapeutics. The center plans to open later this year. 

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