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Additional Fitness Studios Respond to Omicron

Additional Fitness Studios Respond to Omicron

Here’s what SLT, Y7 Studio, and Equinox are saying

With a “staggering” number of Omicron cases in New York and nationwide, more fitness studios are reaching out to clients with assurances and updated protocols. 

Fhitting Room recently announced it would be closing its facilities through the end of 2021, encouraging clients to check out its virtual classes in the meantime. As the pandemic is still working its way through the winter season, here are three new updates from SLT, Y7 Studio, and Equinox.


SLT, with locations in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts, has alerted members that they are continuing to monitor the evolving circumstances of COVID-19 and are implementing additional protocols. 

Effective 12/23, SLT will update its mask policy. All individuals will be asked to keep their masks on at all times while in the studio. This change includes wearing a mask during your SLT workout. SLT says that masks must cover both your nose and mouth and be made of a solid material. 

On Demand Offerings:

SLT will continue to offer new SLT On Demand content and personal 1:1 training via FlexIt. SLT encourages clients to stay tuned to live virtual group classes via SLT Interactive, which is coming soon.

Additional information on SLT’s studio protocols can be found here

Y7 Studio

Y7 Studio will continue to follow the New York City guidelines but says it will kindly ask members to wear masks at all times, even in the studio room. “We know that it can be an added challenge to practice with a mask on. Take your time to adjust and if you need an extra mask our studio staff is happy to provide you with one at the front desk,” Y7 Studio says.

Other Things to Note:

Y7 Studio says there may be some scheduling changes during the upcoming days/weeks as the rise in Omicron cases has affected staffing capabilities. The studio asks that clients continue to check the website for any changes to the regular schedule.

Additional info including Y7’s cleaning protocol and air filtration systems can be found here.

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Equinox says it’s not requiring boosters or masks unless locally mandated, but “strongly encourages its community to follow this guidance.”

On Demand Offerings:

As part of the Equinox membership, clients can access Equinox+ with live and on-demand programming, including SoulCycle, Precision Run, PURE Yoga, HeadStrong, TB12, and  more.

Clients can explore their region-specific requirements here.

As Athletech News previously reported, fitness studios Barry’s and SoulCycle are continuing to closely monitor the current rise in Omicron cases.

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