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CycleBar Launches Training Pathway for Indoor Cycling Instructors

CycleBar Launches Training Pathway for Indoor Cycling Instructors

The new program, accredited by ISSA, NASM and AFAA, makes it easier for fitness coaches to earn cycling teaching credentials

Indoor cycling brand CycleBar has launched a new Indoor Cycling Training Program, which has been accredited by the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA), the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), and the Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA).

The accreditation allows the program to offer continuing education units (CEUs), making CycleBar the first boutique indoor cycling brand to achieve this milestone, according to the company. Other indoor cycling continuing education providers include Spinning, Schwinn, Keiser and many others; however, they don’t claim to have a boutique fitness focus.

Tevia Celli, CycleBar’s vice president of training and experience, stated that the new program aims to enhance the teaching skills of fitness coaches by offering a comprehensive cycling curriculum.

“With this recognition, our program will empower fitness coaches with the knowledge and skills needed to deliver exceptional experiences to our riders and set a new standard of quality and professionalism in the fitness industry,” Celli said.

Open to all fitness professionals, Celli said the program will also expand CycleBar’s reach and introduce the franchise brand to a broader group.

Donna Cennamano, CycleBar’s manager of training, led the development and accreditation process. The program met the rigorous standards set by ISSA, NASM, and AFAA to be recognized as a continuing education provider. This certification is crucial for fitness professionals looking to further their skills and credentials, offering 1.9 CEUs from NASM, 15 from AFAA, and 20 from ISSA.

The certification and ongoing education are vital for fitness professionals seeking to specialize in indoor cycling. It allows them to improve their teaching abilities and earn CEUs required for maintaining certifications and advancing their careers. The program’s comprehensive approach ensures instructors are well-equipped to engage and retain clients.

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The program is priced at $400 and can be completed in three to five weeks, depending on the participant’s prior experience in indoor cycling instruction. Trainees should plan to spend about five hours per week mastering various aspects of teaching, including bike safety, equipment setup, technical cues, riding techniques and class programming.

The self-paced course, which is entirely online with the option of flexible scheduling, also includes training videos and applied learning exercises, which are essential to proving competency and comprehension. 

CycleBar was founded in 2004 and later acquired Xponential Fitness, which has grown the indoor cycling brand’s franchise footprint to 200-plus global locations.

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