Boutique Fitness Outlook Report 2023

Athletech Boutique Fitness Outlook Report

About this report

For Athletech’s inaugural Boutique Fitness Outlook report, we survey and profile some of the biggest brands in this booming space, including Xponential Fitness, Barry’s and Solidcore, to see how they’re driving growth and innovating to respond to changes in consumer preferences post-pandemic. We also speak with software providers, equipment manufacturers and instructor-education organizations to see how they’re helping boutique fitness operators grow their businesses and meet consumers where they are with personalized options.

From the rise of strength training to the surging popularity of Pilates, download this report to see where the industry is heading as it grows, and how the top brands in this space plan to scale their concepts, create new workouts and galvanize more people into becoming and staying active through the power of boutique fitness.

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Download Athletech’s 2023 Boutique Fitness Outlook Report to learn:

  • Insights, commentary and predictions from CEOs and founders of the world’s leading boutique fitness brands
  • Top strategies for expansion in a crowded fitness market
  • Why some leading boutique brands franchise and others don’t
  • How top brands are responding to the surge of strength training, Pilates and other modalities
  • The latest in boutique fitness equipment and instructor education innovations
  • The software and tech solutions you need to take your studio to the next level