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CoachRx Unveils AI Assistant for Fitness Coaches in Latest Innovation 

CoachRx Unveils AI Assistant for Fitness Coaches in Latest Innovation 

RxBot makes life easier for coaches by streamlining program design, freeing up time to focus on the more human aspects of fitness coaching

CoachRx is taking the next step on its journey to make artificial intelligence (AI) work for fitness coaches, not against them. 

The all-in-one fitness coaching software developed by OPEX Fitness officially launched in 2022 to help coaches increase their productivity with features including business productivity tools, a high-efficiency training calendar, fitness monitoring exercises (FMEs) and an exercise library with over 2,000 videos and nutrition/lifestyle programs. 

Since its inception, CoachRx has been intent on leveraging AI to help coaches save time and improve their coaching abilities with tools like a coaching prompt database for ChatGPT.

Taking the next step, OPEX has announced the launch of RxBot, an artificial intelligence-powered coaching assistant built inside CoachRx. 

A Game-Changing Tool for Program Design

RxBot makes life easier for coaches and their clients by streamlining the program design process, freeing up time for coaches to focus on the more human aspects of the profession. 

For example, the RxBot AI coaching assistant generates workout programs for clients after factoring in their assessment data and priorities, time and equipment available, or any other information a coach might want to include leading to an AI-generated program with a personalized touch. After a coach reviews the program, they can apply it to their clients’ calendars. The system can spin out programs that span over days or months, and RxBot always communicates the reasons why it designs specific workouts so there are never any surprises and the coach can use it as a learning opportunity. 

As is true with any AI tool, RxBot is a knife that sharpens with every use. 

“The more information a coach inputs into a client’s profile, the more personalized and effective the training programs generated by RxBot can be,” explained Carl Hardwick, the CEO of OPEX Fitness. “This feature not only improves the quality of the programs but also encourages the coach to coach their clients deeper, dig deeper, and to provide RxBot with more context making it more efficient and tailored to individual clients.”

Carl Hardwick (credit: OPEX Fitness)

In developing programs, the assistant also factors in OPEX’s long-standing fitness education principles through its propriety knowledge base. This ensures the brand’s quality standards for program design effectiveness power the AI integration. 

“RxBot is built on the OPEX knowledge base with over three million characters of OPEX Fitness coaching and program design principles for both strength and energy systems training,” said Kandace Dickson, CMO of OPEX Fitness & CoachRx. “This layered on top of AI and the vast amount of client data allows for more effective and result-driven programs regardless of training style.” 

Kandace Dickson (credit: OPEX Fitness)

AI Is a Communication Enhancer 

Artificial Intelligence is often seen as something that threatens to take the place of human interaction. RxBot instead promises to enhance it. The software was purposefully designed to free up time for coaches and trainers so they can work closer with their clients and develop a more personal approach. 

“We have always been aware of the amount of time coaches are spending designing training programs,” Hardwick said. “There is nothing wrong with that, but it becomes a problem when it takes away from other, more important pieces such as connection and relationship-building.”

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“The focus was on creating a tool that could handle administrative and program design tasks, freeing up coaches to concentrate on building deeper, more meaningful relationships with their clients,” Hardwick added. “By taking over the day-to-day, organizational tasks, RxBot allows coaches to focus more on the coach-client relationship. This relationship is the foundation of effective coaching, as it allows for a deeper understanding of the client’s values, goals, and success measures.” 

CoachRx also carries features that directly connect coaches to their clients. This includes native Loom video messaging, custom client reports, consultations, reminders, weekly check-ins and the platform’s proprietary Touchpoints feature

The Future of AI & Fitness 

OPEX is proud to be an early adopter of new-age tech in the fitness community and the first in the coaching software space to launch a native coaching assistant and program design feature. By maintaining the idea that RxBot is an instrument to help coaches and trainers rather than replace them, the brand is well-positioned to move forward in a more AI-involved world. 

“I think we have to keep looking at AI as only a tool, even as it gets more and more advanced,” Hardwick said. “AI has moved beyond being just a buzzword in every industry when we see the number of platforms that are integrating as evidence of this. While it’s a strong statement that anyone not using AI is falling behind, it’s fair to say that embracing AI tools can significantly improve the totality of work and production volume we can output.”

OPEX intends to continue growing the software’s AI features beyond just program design, but for now, that’s where its focus lies. 

“We are currently hyper-focused on making RxBot a solid program design assistant for our coaches,” said Hardwick. “We do plan on expanding RxBot across multiple areas of the platform, but we want to let the goal be the goal for now.”

Fitness coaches can sign up for the RxBot waitlist now. 

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