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CoachRx Fosters Human Connection in the Era of AI Fitness

CoachRx Fosters Human Connection in the Era of AI Fitness

OPEX’s CoachRx software was designed to nurture strong coach-to-client relationships, playing off an element old as time itself

As artificial intelligence and other smart technologies flood the fitness space, the team at OPEX is helping coaches strategically leverage those tools in a different way than most, focusing on person-to-person relationships, notably with its CoachRx software. Coaches and their clients are reaping the benefits. 

OPEX introduced CoachRx, its all-in-one fitness coaching software platform, in 2021 with a beta launch before releasing it in full a year later. They’ve continually updated the platform to give trainers a tool to run their business operations more smoothly, professionalize their services, and of course, foster better relationships with clients.

There are three types of coach-to-client relationships, according to OPEX: careless relationships, careful relationships, and caring relationships. The first focuses too much on the coach and their values, while the second does the same but from the client side. The third is a sweet spot where you find synergy and balance between each party’s values. That’s what CoachRx nurtures. 

“We should always strive to get to a place where we have a caring relationship with our clients,” said OPEX CEO Carl Hardwick. “True personalization, human connection, and strong coaching systems on top of tech are what differentiate coaches of the future.”

Carl Hardwick (credit: OPEX Fitness)

An App for Coaches of the Future

CoachRx accomplishes this not by asking trainers to reach out and to connect with their clients, but by enabling and encouraging it. 

On its new mobile app, CoachRx counts interactions between coaches and their clients, which it refers to as “touchpoints.” Coaches or organizations can set requirements for touchpoints in a predetermined time frame. A progress bar is then displayed on a dashboard, illustrating who needs these check-ins and who doesn’t. This positions coaches to work effectively and comfortably, as they’re nudged to hit a specific number, but also know when to back off to avoid bothering their clients. 

credit: OPEX Fitness

Other helpful features on the CoachRx platform include streamlined, bespoke branded consultation notes, video consultation scheduling, guided long-term and short-term planning, exercise and lifestyle design, assessment data, and coach-to-client data sharing for the utmost communication and compliance. 

CoachRx also makes a comprehensive, one-on-one coaching education experience available to coaches once signing up. They can receive additional training by subscribing to OPEX’s on-demand and ongoing education platform, LearnRx

“Our purpose is to increase the value of the coach,” said Hardwick. “We have put and continue to put so much energy into providing value to our coaches. This new mobile app launch is intended to reach our coach’s clients to improve the value they can offer their clients. The platform is designed to support deep, one-on-one coaching relationships as its first and primary objective.”

While plenty of trainers still use CoachRx for in-person clients, it can make an even bigger difference for those who are remote or hybrid. 

“No technology can truly replace the impact that we can have being face-to-face with clients, in person, building real connection,” said Hardwick. “But we also have to meet coaches where they are and provide them with the tools they need to coach their clients remotely as effectively as possible. This is where the relationship, communication, and efficiency-centric features come into play.”

The Trickle Down 

When connectivity improves the coach-to-client relationship, it translates to improved health and wellness. The check-in opportunities, actual human communication, and detail-oriented tools all get clients to buy into whatever fitness plans their coaches lay out for them at a higher level. OPEX believes that with no connection, there are no meaningful fitness results.

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credit: OPEX Fitness

“Coaches that are working with clients understand that their design can be the best in the world, their nutrition and lifestyle program can be exactly what the client needs, but without the ability to connect that client to those great designs and prescriptions, they likely will not see adoption and ultimately impact,” noted Hardwick. “CoachRx arms coaches and trainers with the foundations needed and the trust to have alignment, connecting fitness to not only a client’s health goals but their life priorities. That leads to higher compliance.”

It’s a lose-lose situation without this element. Operators and trainers hurt all the same if their clients lack a real, human connection, as it cripples member retention and revenue.

“Big brands looking for quick ways to monetize technology and not truly offer additional value to the client experience have marketed the lack of need for human interaction,” Hardwick said. “Those programs typically lack long-term success for clients and ultimately don’t succeed as business models.” 

Hardwick couldn’t yet share many specifics on CoachRx’s future enhancements, but he did reinforce the idea that the company is always working to evolve its software product. 

“We have some cool things in the works,” he said. “An upgraded user flow for client onboarding and workout tracking, a much-improved user interface in our coach web app, and gamification features like streaks are where we started in our latest mobile app release but there is much more to come. We will continue to innovate the CoachRx coach and client experience.”

Interested in building a better, more long-lasting relationship with your clients? Click here to sign up for a free trial of CoachRx. Want to see how CoachRx is helping fitness professionals maximize AI while native features are in the works? Access a free video course and expansive AI prompt database for free here.  

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