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New Wellness App Creates AI Clones of Loved Ones, Exes

New Wellness App Creates AI Clones of Loved Ones, Exes

According to BTwin AI Friends, artificial intelligence companions can offer continuous support and a one-way ticket to personal growth

Imagine cloning a text-based version of your ex or a loved one to gain closure — a rather wild concept brought to fruition by BTwin AI Friends, a new AI-powered emotional wellness app that can access a user’s WhatsApp text history to clone chat relationships. 

Consider it “simulated friendship,” as BTwin AI Friends cofounder and wellness director Fernanda Beltran puts it.

Artificial intelligence has quickly made inroads in fitness and wellness, with brands allowing users to customize their individual journeys with tailor-made workouts and nutrition plans. But employing AI to promote wellness simply meets consumer demand, according to Beltran.

A licensed nutritionist and wellness coach, Beltran says she found an underserved demographic of women who were seeking an entertainment wellness solution for dating and daily life struggles. BTwin AI Friends app users can create custom “AI companions” for personalized emotional support and advice or “clone” mental health experts, celebrities or loved ones. The interactions are designed to feel “deeply human” and meaningful, with a focus on personal growth.

credit: BTwin AI Friends

In addition to interacting with clones, BTwin AI Friends users can undergo an advanced personality analysis using text samples. 

“We are transforming traditional therapy into an entertaining experience,” Beltran explained. “Unlike social media, which merely captures attention, BTwin AI creates ergonomic companions that, through simulated friendship, are dedicated to our community’s well-being.”

credit: BTwin AI Friends

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BTwin AI Friends co-founder Hassan Uriostegui notes that while traditional therapy is invaluable, the benefits of Mind Stimulation Therapy (MST) — using AI to create mental clones, which is the basis of BTwin AI Friends — offer 24/7 support and can solve the common accessibility barriers to standard therapy.

“Looking ahead, the future of MST is bright,” Uriostegui wrote. “We envision a world where technology enhances our journey towards emotional well-being, offering continuous support in an increasingly complex world. As we navigate the digital age, MST offers a beacon of hope — a means to harness technology for profound human connection and healing.”

Developed and released by AI laboratory WakenAI, the new app is available on iOS for free and in over twelve languages in the Apple App Store.

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