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Zing Coach Raises $10M for Feature-Packed AI Fitness App

Zing Coach Raises $10M for Feature-Packed AI Fitness App

The platform touts technology that it says can turn a smartphone into a DEXA scanner, among other abilities

What if consumers could achieve their fitness goals with personalized, AI-powered workout planning and guidance for less than the cost of a weekly cup of coffee?

That’s the idea behind Zing Coach, a fitness app backed by health tech company Palta, which just raised $10 million in equity and debt financing in a Series A funding round.

Zing Coach will use the funding to enhance its technology and features, enter new markets and expand its team. Although the app is available globally, Zing Coach says the U.S. is one of its core markets.

“We have experienced exponential growth in the past year, but the vast digital fitness coaching market remains largely untapped,” said Zing Coach CEO Tanya Parfenyuk, who co-founded the app alongside Shaolin Monk Walter Gjergja (Shi Xing Mi).

Since its 2021 release, Zing Coach ($18.99/month or $59.99 yearly) says it’s had over one million downloads and month-over-month user growth of 25%.

“We want to make leading a healthy lifestyle and achieving ambitious fitness goals attainable for all by providing highly personalized workout planning and guidance,” Parfenyuk continued.

Users who download Zing Coach are prompted to answer a few questions regarding their goals and motivations before the app dives into more detailed inquiries regarding their lifestyle, diet, sleep, injuries, activity level and training preferences. The app then uses fitness tests, advanced image recognition and movement analyzers directly from the smartphone to review reps and movement quality, leading Zing Coach to provide the appropriate level of intensity for future workouts.

Personalized Fitness

Last year, the app launched an AI body scan that it says replaces the DEXA scanner with a smartphone, offering insights into body fat and muscle mass. There is also an advanced flexibility test for users to discover personalized stretching workouts based on their unique needs.

credit: Zing Coach

The fitness company will also endeavor to improve its AI Coach, which will become available to all Zing Coach users this fall. In time, Zing says it will use its AI Coaching technology for other fitness modalities such as Pilates, yoga and more.  

The high-tech-yet-personal approach has kept Zing Coach users engaged with over a million workouts logged, and users are 29% more likely to continue using Zing Coach after the first day compared to competing apps, with 25% more likely to continue for a month or more, according to the platform.

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The recent funding round was led by Zubr Capital and Triple Point Capital. 

AI Apps Invade Fitness

Even brick-and-mortar health and fitness clubs are getting into the AI game. 

Luxury club operator Life Time is leveraging artificial intelligence with the help of Microsoft, launching L.AI.C, an AI-driven companion for its members. 

The new feature will first be available to beta users, offering quick answers to simple questions regarding club descriptions, hours and offerings. In the future, L.AI.C will provide members with personalized class suggestions, class and court reservations, tailored workout programs and answers to wellness-related inquiries.

“AI advancements are unstoppable, and we’re embracing this opportunity to provide our members with experiences that will only get better and better – just as we have committed from the start,” Life Time founder and CEO Bahram Akradi said of the new offering.

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