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BODi Taps Into Primal Fitness Trend With Latest Workout Program

BODi Taps Into Primal Fitness Trend With Latest Workout Program

The new primal fitness offering concentrates on strength building using functional movements that replicate those used in real life

BODi, recently rebranded from the famed Beachbody name, has tapped celebrity trainer Amoila Cesar to bring a primal workout, “Chop Wood Carry Water,” to fitness consumers. The latest fitness offering is in line with a Pinterest Predicts report that revealed primal movement is anticipated to be the fitness trend of the year for 2023.

BODi says the rugged name is inspired by the Zen proverb that reinforces the benefit of patience and consistent repetition, leading to mastery. 

The new Chop Wood Carry Water fitness program is designed for all fitness levels, allowing members to improve strength and mobility while reducing pain. The goal is to provide freedom of movement that will bring fitness enthusiasts back to the mobility of their youth.

The primal fitness offering concentrates on strength building using functional movements that replicate those used in real life. BODi says that as fitness enthusiasts move through the program, they quickly see how their bodies improve and adapt. 

“Since the pandemic, we’ve found that people are less focused on their visible transformation from a one- or two-month commitment and (are) far more enthusiastic about building their confidence, strength and overall sense of physical freedom of movement,” said Carl Daikeler, co-founder and CEO of BODi and The Beachbody Company.

Daikeler added that BODi has been developing the Chop Wood Carry Water program with Cesar for over a year and has tested the primal fitness program with groups of all skill levels. 

“The results could not be more exciting,” Daikeler said. “We saw the predictable weight loss and muscle tone, but these movements are helping people feel more agile and newly empowered to move through life like they haven’t in recent memory – and for the participants in their 40s and above, they felt empowered and able to move with a pain-free dexterity that they hadn’t in years.”

BODi’s new program offers 20 strength and agility-building workouts that combine seven formats and schedule options, so fitness consumers can select a program that works best for their needs. 

credit: BODi

Cesar, who has trained celebrities and NBA superstars, says that primal movement has become a “core principle” in his health journey and an “amazing tool” as he trains his clients. 

“I have designed this program to reflect the importance of the mind-body connection that they project,” he said. “Chop Wood Carry Water represents the habits and rituals on which I center my day: repetition and the pursuit of mastery.”

The primal program, $49.95, is now available with an existing BODi membership.

Can a Primal Program Help BODi Rebound?

Since it left the Beachbody name behind, BODi has been moving away from the standard diet and fitness offerings, instead moving towards optimal wellness and, more importantly, what it calls “health esteem.”

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Daikeler said he grew tired of what he views as an old playbook that the fitness industry uses to convince consumers that they’re never good enough and always need another goal to achieve. 

“That’s called permanent dissatisfaction,” Daikeler told Athletech News in an exclusive interview in April.

BODi also introduced online mental health classes earlier this year as part of its health esteem mission.

As the health and fitness company looks to redefine wellness, it’s staring down a class action lawsuit that targets Beachbody’s longtime multi-level marketing model.

The company has also faced stock challenges, with shares of BODi down nearly 37% in the past six months. In the first quarter of 2023, BODi reported a revenue decline of 27%, with total revenue of $144.9 million compared to $198.9 million in the prior-year period.

BODi’s next earnings report is slated for August 14. 

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