State of the Industry 2024

ATN State of the Industry 2024

About this report

For Athletech’s third annual State of Fitness & Wellness Outlook report, we spoke with CEOs, presidents and founders of the biggest brands in fitness and wellness to get their candid takes on where the industry is at in 2024, their views on key trends, and their predictions for the future.

ATN also breaks down the major trends, moves and developments in fitness and wellness over the past 12 months, with an eye toward what each means for the future of our industry. This report additionally features key data on fitness and wellness trends, including member engagement and modality preferences.

The insights gained from the discussions, stats and analyses presented in this report will inform your decision-making for the year ahead and provide valuable long-term perspective on the rapidly evolving state of fitness and wellness. 

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Download Athletech’s 2024 State of Fitness & Wellness report to learn:

  • Predictions from top gym, boutique fitness, tech and wellness CEOs on the macro-level trends impacting fitness and wellness
  • The key trends shaping the $1.8T wellness market
  • What’s hot in fitness equipment and tech, including the rise of AI
  • What the rise of GLP-1 weight-loss drugs could mean for gyms and studios
  • How connected fitness is evolving in 2024, and what might come next