Industry Pre-Show Guide 2024

ATN 2024 Industry Pre-Show Guide

About this report

For Athletech’s 2024 Industry Pre-Show Guide, we survey the top fitness equipment companies, software providers and education organizations to see what they’ll be unveiling, showcasing and highlighting at IHRSA 2024, FIBO 2024, and other industry events. 

From the newest in strength training equipment to artificial intelligence to the rise of holistic, wellness-focused education programs, get a behind-the-scenes sneak preview of what you’ll be seeing on the show floor this spring, and get the low-down on any innovations or unveilings you’re unable to see in-person. 

We hope this report serves as your trusted companion and indispensable guide to navigating the trade show floor and also to gaining a better understanding of the new products and services that will power the fitness and wellness industry in 2024 and beyond. 

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Download Athletech’s 2024 Industry Pre-Show Guide to learn:

  • What the top fitness equipment makers will unveil at IHRSA, FIBO and more
  • The rise of strength training, connected machines and digital ecosystems
  • How software providers are leveraging tools like AI to drive member acquisition and engagement 
  • The latest education and certification programs powering fitness professionals 
  • How you can integrate medical-grade tools into your club, gym or studio