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Disconnected Fitness: Primal Movement Trend Offers Opportunity for Boutique Fitness

Disconnected Fitness: Primal Movement Trend Offers Opportunity for Boutique Fitness

As remote work grows, a new fitness trend is on the rise that doesn’t require equipment and can combat the dreaded tech-neck hump

A new fitness trend is emerging that’s anti-tech and driven by Gen X and Millennials: primal movement.

According to a Pinterest Predicts report, primal movement is anticipated to be the fitness trend of the year.

Primal movement rebukes modern advancements with its anti-tech workout, encouraging fitness enthusiasts to put down their phones or get up from their desks to get moving in a natural way. The fitness trend focuses on activities that we engage in daily, such as bending, pushing, rotating and walking. The motions of primal movement are innate, mimicking the moves our ancestors did in order to survive. 

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the new fitness trend goes hand-in-hand with the increase in remote work, with concerns of “tech neck,” described as a discomfort in the lower neck, shoulders and upper back, or even an intense stabbing pain localized in one area.

Prolonged use of mobile phones, tablets and other devices is believed to help cause tech neck. And while studies show that the majority of remote workers enjoy the flexibility of working anywhere but in the office, working from home has also caused a spike in back pain

The mindful movements of primal fitness may provide welcome relief for those who love working from home but need to keep things moving. 

credit: pexels/Karolina Grabowska

As Pinterest points out, Gen X and Millennials are driving the primal fitness trend, with searches for “primal movement” and “neck hump exercises” on the rise. The bulletin board-style media platform reports an increase in searches for primal movement (+120%), mobility stretches (+140%), neck hump exercises (+210%), knee mobility exercises (+135%) and hip mobility exercises (+100%), reflecting an interest in the anti-tech workout.. 

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The primal movement trend is accessible to most fitness enthusiasts, as it doesn’t require much space or fancy equipment to engage in squats, hinges and lunges. Over time, the natural moves can boost flexibility, mobility, strength and coordination, resulting in a strong foundation that helps ward off the aches and pains of a technologically advanced society.

The demand for primal movement exercises led Nick Brewer to launch Primal Moves, an Ibiza-based fitness company that offers in-person studio classes as well as digital classes. Earlier this year, Brewer was named Equinox’s Artist in Residence, and the fitness operator offered his signature one-hour class as a pop-up in five different NYC Equinox clubs.

Considering that remote and hybrid work is expected to continue this year, increasing 87% compared to pre-pandemic levels, the stage is set for the primal movement trend to continue. The trend offers an opportunity for forward-looking boutique fitness clubs to offer primal fitness classes and digital offerings.

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