State of the Industry 2023

About this report

For Athletech’s second annual State of Fitness Insider’s Outlook report, we sat down with industry leaders who are disrupting the market in innovative and exciting ways to discuss the trends and topics shaping the fitness and wellness industry. Top CEOs, VCs, consultants and entrepreneurs shared their experiences, perspectives, and concerns with us. The insights gained from these frank and fascinating discussions have allowed us to compile relevant and timely information that will help inform your decision-making in the months to come.

Download Athletech’s 2023 State of Fitness report to learn:

Predictions from some of the top gym, boutique and fitness tech CEOs on the macro trends impacting fitness and wellness

Consensus on the future of hybrid fitness

Top trending tech innovations that are changing the way we exercise

Advocacy efforts underway to secure government support for the fitness industry

Advice for keeping your brand relevant as consumers and the markets evolve

How one major fitness brand is flipping the script on the “Imperfection Economy”

The “Founder’s Dilemma,” or what a startup that serves a small, passionate market but doesn’t necessarily have scalability should do to survive and thrive.