Omnichannel Fitness Report 2024

Omnichannel Fitness Report 2024

About this report

For Athletech’s inaugural Technology Outlook: The Omnichannel Fitness Revolution report, we explore the way leading fitness brands are meeting consumers on all fronts – inside the four walls of the facility, at home, and on the go, with tech innovations and creativity. 

Whether it’s brick-and-mortar brands entering virtual reality (VR), connected fitness companies using artificial intelligence (AI) and other tech tools to make people’s workouts more engaging and effective, or fitness apps streaming on-demand content directly to consumers wherever they are, some exciting things are happening to make fitness and wellness a bigger part of people’s lives around the world. 

In this report, you’ll hear from founders, CEOs and other top executives from brands including Pvolve, Crunch Fitness, Xponential Fitness, Tonal, Zumba, Technogym, Echelon and iFIT, just to name a few. 

We hope you come away from this report equipped with a better understanding of how brands are seeking to become omnichannel players in 2024 and a renewed enthusiasm for making fitness and wellness a bigger part of people’s lives through digital innovation. 

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Download Athletech’s 2024 Omnichannel Fitness Report to learn:

  • Insights, commentary and predictions from CEOs and founders of the biggest brands in fitness
  • How top clubs, gyms and studios are using digital tools to reach members outside the four walls of the facility
  • A deep dive into the state of connected fitness, including investor insights
  • Analysis of the strategies and offerings of leading DTC fitness apps
  • Innovations in fit tech, artificial intelligence, software and fitness equipment powering the omnichannel revolution