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True to New Identity, BODi Launches Online Mental Health Classes

True to New Identity, BODi Launches Online Mental Health Classes

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Bodi is hoping its new approach of emphasizing “health-esteem” will positively affect its members and boost sagging earnings

With May just warming up, BODi is celebrating Mental Health Awareness Month by launching new Mindset Master classes, an extension of the brand’s “health-esteem” platform. 

Petra Kolber, vice president of personal development and mindset for BODi, says that as more people become aware of the importance of mental health in a post-COVID era, it’s essential to focus on creating a resilient mindset to guide people through the ups and downs of life.

“While BODi’s Mindset content is not a replacement for professional mental health services, it is our hope that it can shed some light on how to begin taking the steps toward making positive changes by celebrating where you are today while emphasizing how a powerful an unwavering belief in yourself and your abilities to face the more challenging times, can make a lasting impact on your health esteem and mental well-being,” Kolber said of the latest offering.

The Mindset content library is available as part of any BODi membership. It features Mindset Master classes and weekly content with industry experts, including Kolber. 

Jonathan Fields, award-winning author, executive producer and host of two top-ranked podcasts, and Maria Sirois, psychologist, teacher, facilitator and author, will also offer expert insight for Mindset Master Classes. 

According to BODi, its multi-video Mindset Master Class Series includes:

  • “Happiness Habits” with Petra Kolber
  • “The Good Life” with Jonathan Fields
  • “Calm Your Mind” with Maria Sirois
  • “The Perfection Detox” with Petra Kolber

Bodi says other Mindset Master classes and experts are arriving this summer, including classes with Kelly McGonigal, Ph.D., TED Speaker and best-selling author, who brings a new Mindset Master Class based on her book “The Willpower Instinct.” Justin Michael Williams, a meditation teacher, author and Grammy-nominated recording artist, will also have a class where he will discuss meditation in a new light.

“What’s so unique about the addition of the Mindset channel to the BODi platform is its integration with our flexible fitness and nutrition programs,” said Carl Daikeler, co-founder, chairman & CEO of BODi. “Bringing the benefits of physical health together with a resilient and growth mindset, resulting in a strong self-esteem, is a combination which defines the category of health esteem.”

BODi is rewriting the script of what it means to be happy & healthy 

In a recent interview with Athletech News, Daikeler declared that “Beachbody is dead,” referring to the rebrand from Beachbody to BODi. 

While the household name for fitness and nutrition introduced the world to P90x, Power 90, Slim in Six and Hip Hop Abs, the company has overhauled its image to move away from what Daikeler calls an “old playbook” – one that keeps consumers in a state of “permanent dissatisfaction” where they are never good enough and always have something more to achieve. 

The lightbulb moment came when Daikeler pondered the example of certain health and fitness frameworks set for his children, he told ATN.

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Can ‘health-esteem’ bring positive earnings? 

Daikeler’s company has faced challenges, with Q4 2022 financials revealing that in the twelve months ending December 31, 2022, total revenue dropped 21% compared to the same period in 2021 and 8% below its pre-COVID baseline. As Daikeler told investors on an earnings call, “2022 was a demanding year,” as the subscription health and wellness company received a deficiency letter from the New York Stock Exchange last fall.

Still, BODi is banking on building not just self-esteem, but health-esteem, which includes its new mental health classes.

“We made a decision last year that we were going to pursue a completely different category, one that we call health esteem, that combines immediate appreciation of who you are with a complete lack of a requirement to do anything in order to improve how you feel about yourself and be worthwhile in the world,” said Daikeler.

The health and wellness company is expected to report earnings on May 8 for Q1 2023. 

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