Wellness Outlook Report 2023

About this report

For Athletech’s inaugural Wellness Outlook report, we spoke with industry leaders whose companies are transforming how consumers take charge of their own health and well-being inside and outside of the gym. CEOs, founders and other high-level executives shared their perspectives on how emerging wellness trends and recovery modalities are shaking up the industry and providing new streams of revenue for innovative fitness and wellness businesses. Download the report to uncover insights, key information and thought leadership on emerging wellness trends and position your business to successfully navigate the new era in wellness.

Download Athletech’s 2023 Wellness Outlook Report to learn:

Predictions from CEOs, founders and executives on the future of wellness and recovery

How gyms can incorporate cold plunge and infrared sauna

How the fitness industry can play a role in the healthcare crisis

Why boutique wellness studios are poised for growth

Insights from top recovery tech and wearable companies

The science behind hot and cold therapies