Franchise Outlook Report 2023

About this report

For Athletech's inaugural Fitness & Wellness Franchise Outlook report, we take a deep dive into the economic lifeblood of this industry: franchising. Download the report to hear CEOs, high-level executives and pioneering founders from top fitness and wellness franchises as well as successful franchisees share their secrets for success and predictions for the future. Discover how the leading franchise brands drive growth both system-wide and at the individual studio level, how large gym chains are rethinking the business of real estate post-pandemic and how new and innovative brands have unlocked the key to rapidly expanding and scaling their business nationwide. This report offers valuable insights, key commentary and rare access into the current state of fitness and wellness franchising and provides a glimpse into future opportunities as the industry evolves.

Download Athletech’s 2023 Franchise Outlook Report to learn:

Insights, commentary and predictions from CEOs and founders on the major trends shaping fitness and wellness franchising

How leading franchise brands drive growth system-wide and at the individual studio level

How gyms can take advantage of real estate opportunities presented by struggling brick-and-mortar retail firms

The emerging fitness and wellness modalities to look out for in the franchising space

How to create and nurture a winning franchisor-franchisee relationship to scale your brand