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Amazon Launches New and Improved Fitness Wearable

Amazon Launches New and Improved Fitness Wearable

New and improved Amazon Halo View news
Halo View Fitness Tracker may edge out the competition.

Peloton may have a big fitness tech rival this upcoming holiday season. In what seems like a flurry of fitness tech, Amazon has launched a new and considerably improved fitness wearable that is slated to start shipping by the upcoming holidays.

Amazon’s Halo View fitness tracker was upgraded to feature a new AMOLED color touch display with haptic feedback and will include a longer-duration 12-month membership plan, which now comes with the Halo Fitness service and the Halo Nutrition experience. The tech giant’s new and improved wearable can now also be connected seamlessly to Alexa, providing a user personalized health data.

Like the previous Halo Band, the new and improved Halo View includes activity, sleep and motion tracking, but now also comes with blood oxygen monitoring. Unlike the previous Halo device, Halo View’s body fat percentage measurement is clinically validated by Massachusetts General Hospital and Pennington Biomedical Research Center. For those concerned with privacy, Amazon says that all health data continues to be processed in the cloud and can be downloaded or deleted by customers. 

The new and improved Halo View’s membership plan will allow users to access exclusive member-only content and workouts with Halo coaches and includes on-demand services that can be viewed on a phone or cast to a TV. The new Halo Fitness service of the membership also includes programs like Lifesum, SWEAT, rē•spin by Halle Berry, Orangetheory Fitness. 

Apart from fitness, the membership, thanks to the new Halo Nutrition experience, will now also focus on creating healthy eating habits for subscribers and will give them an opportunity to plan meal based on allergies, food preferences or to pick from one of the seven available pre-curated menus: classic, keto, Mediterranean, Nordic, paleo, vegan, and vegetarian. The Halo Nutrition experience of the Halo View membership will include a collection of over 500 recipes from partners WW, Lifesum, and Whole Foods Market. Users can add food items to their Alexa shopping list, allowing for a cohesive Amazon-based experience. 

The new and improved Halo will also integrate features to allow users to unwind with daily meditation offerings. Amazon says that new content will be rolling out consistently. After the first year, the program will auto-renew for $3.99 a month. 

“Customers tell us Halo is having a meaningful impact on their lives, offering important insights and tools they need to meet their health goals,” said Melissa Cha, Vice President of Amazon Halo, in a recent press release.

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Cha went on to mention the benefit of the bundle package, saying, “We’re excited to add even more to Halo, with new experiences to help members work out and nourish their bodies, plus Halo View—a new fitness tracker that adds a display, lowers the price, and comes bundled with a full year of Halo membership included for just $79.99. These new additions are a significant step forward in our mission to offer a great value service that’s always getting better, and enable customers to better understand their health.”

Amazon’s new and improved Halo View fitness tracker will be available in three colors: Active Black, Sage Green, and Lavender Dream. The fitness wearable is swim-proof. The battery will be fully charged after 90 minutes and will retain energy for up to seven days. 

Market forecasters predict that consumer spending on wearable tech could reach more than $90 billion by 2022.

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