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This new social network for fitness will forever change your gym and activity tracking

This new social network for fitness will forever change your gym and activity tracking

For the past two years, Cyborg® has been developing a social fitness platform where enthusiasts, athletes, trainers, and gym owners can congregate digitally. Now they plan to use it to help heal the athletics industry post-COVID.

“We knew a paradigm shift in the connected-activity space was coming, but we didn’t expect it to be this abrupt,” Tim Near, Founder & CEO of Cyborg says. “The COVID-19 shutdowns forced all of our customers to shut their doors. This left hundreds of thousands of gyms, teams, athletes, training facilities, and clubs struggling to find ways to engage their clients. We have been developing this technology for athletic organizations to upgrade their programming, but when we saw the effects of the shutdowns on our customer-base, we knew we had to accelerate our release schedule.”

Cyborg just launched an activity-tracking and social media hybrid where users connect wearable devices, track any type of workout, and build posts. Organizations can create a Squad for these users with custom feeds, leaderboards, and ways to upload daily workout content to their members. This platform instantly integrates all members of an athletic community to encourage, communicate, and compete with each other.

The company isn’t just offering this product for free to gyms, they are also sharing 50% of their revenue with their channel partners. “Our app is free to download and use, but we offer a $9.99/mo. upgrade called Cyborg PLUS which unlocks the ability to join private Squads. We are splitting our net revenue with our athletic organization clients as a way of providing them with a scalable income,” Tim explains. “This will help them transition back to normal operations post-COVID”.

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