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Rosy, obé Aim To Change the Conversation Around Women’s Sexual Health

Rosy, obé Aim To Change the Conversation Around Women’s Sexual Health

The at-home fitness and sexual wellbeing apps have partnered to produce educational content on women’s health, including the intersection between exercise and sex drive

Rosy, a physician-founded women’s health app, has partnered with obé, an online fitness company, to shed light on the interconnected nature of physical fitness and sexual wellbeing. As part of the collaboration, Rosy is offering all subscribers a one-month membership to obé.

The partnership is kicked off during Women’s Health Month this May, addressing an often-ignored topic: women’s sexual health. 

Obé (pronounced “obey” and an acronym for “our body electric,” a Walt Whitman reference) was founded in 2018 for frequent travelers and gained traction during the pandemic.

Rosy was founded in 2019, and coins itself “the first physician-founded platform supporting women throughout their lifetime.” The platform offers women personalized action plans to address issues identified by a questionnaire about physical, mental, and sexual health. It also offers 1-1 coaching sessions for certain membership levels. The company has received $5 million in funding to date, with a mission to bridge the gap between in-office physician care and day-to-day lives.

“Rosy approaches women’s health in a holistic way, taking into account the many aspects that make each of us unique,” Rosy’s founder and CEO. Dr. Lyndsey Harper, Ob/Gyn, told Athletech News. “Rosy addresses physical health concerns but also mental health, pelvic floor health, relational health, and even religious and cultural perspectives.” 

Dr. Lyndsey Harper (credit: Rosy)

For the partnership, Rosy is rolling out five obé videos via its new Quickies feature. The series is comprised of social media-style videos about pressing women’s health issues, like the intersection between exercise and sex drive, or how best to strengthen the pelvic floor. All content is vetted by Rosy’s in-house medical team to counteract unqualified influencer advice or Internet rabbit holes. 

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credit: Rosy

“I think one of the biggest misconceptions is that you have to be a certain body type to be sexy and be active,” Dr. Harper told ATN. “Sexual pleasure and physical activity are available to everyone and can contribute positively to everyone’s health.” 

Rosy subscribers can receive their free one-month membership to obé using the code “OBEXROSY.”

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