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Rolla Gets $7M in Seed Funding for Gamification Platform

Rolla Gets $7M in Seed Funding for Gamification Platform

The Bosnian startup is tapping into the gamification craze with its virtual fitness experience for cyclists and runners

Rolla, a gamified fitness startup based in Bosnia and Herzegovina, has closed a €6.3 million ($6.9 million) seed funding round, the company announced.

The round, led by Mate Rimac, CEO of Rimac Group, and Hellen’s Rock Capital, set a new record for a health and fitness startup in Central and Eastern Europe.

Rolla says the funding will be used to expand, grow its customer base and establish key development and commercial hubs while continuing its mission to help consumers “level up” their health and fitness.

The startup currently covers health and activities with two products: Rolla One, an app that allows fitness enthusiasts to track walking, running or cycling activities as it calculates metrics, and Rolla World, which allows for an immersive, virtual fitness experience for cyclists and runners. Players can compete in a multi-player setting and create their own avatars. 

Health monitoring and diet and weight management are listed as “coming soon” on Rolla’s website. While Rolla is currently in beta, its fitness platform is expected to launch in Q1 of 2024, according to Tech.EU. 

credit: Rolla

The startup confirms that in the coming weeks, Rolla will reveal its hiring plans. 

In June, the startup featured Rolla One and Rolla World at Eurobike with the goal of attracting beta testers and finding potential partners. Before the Eurobike event, Rolla teamed with Technogym, who provided positive feedback. 

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Rolla’s founder, Igor Krezic, said the plan was to meet with leaders such as Garmin, Wahoo and Elite, but Rolla didn’t expect the impact of content creators covering the startup during the exhibition, which catapulted the startup. 

“With our mission defined and support from partners and investors, the real challenge lies ahead,” Krezic wrote in a company blog post. “We now have to live up to the expectations.”

Gamified fitness proponents cheer its ability to engage even the most reluctant while providing motivation and engagement. It can also lead consumers to stick to a routine fitness plan, especially if games include “rewards.”

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