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Pvolve Enters Pacific Northwest in Latest Expansion Move

Pvolve Enters Pacific Northwest in Latest Expansion Move

The Jennifer Aniston-supported functional fitness brand will be coming to Spokane, Washingon, in its latest franchise deal

The boutique fitness industry is filling in all corners of the map, with Pvolve expanding as fast as any brand in the space.

Pvolve, the functional fitness franchise founded by Rachel Katzman and supported by Jennifer Aniston, announced its plans to expand into Spokane, Washington. While there’s no confirmed location at this time, the company is eyeing the South Hill area as a preferred spot. 

Teresa and Scott Hatter, who’ve made careers out of franchising and operating restaurant and personal care companies, will assist in this maneuver. The couple feels confident the expansion will prove fruitful given boutique fitness’ widespread popularity, while Pvolve president Julie Cartwright is keen to utilize the Hatters’ expertise stemming from similar ventures in the past. 

“Our entire team is incredibly excited to introduce our method to Spokane,” Cartwright said. “Teresa and Scott bring deep franchise experience and so much passion for the method, a winning combination for operating a successful studio. We are so lucky to welcome the Hatters to the Pvolve team and look forward to watching their community in Spokane grow.” 

Pvolve has also recently announced plans to open new studios in Salt Lake City, Atlanta, Arlington, Texas, and Marina del Rey, California, and two additional locations in San Diego. Studios in Nashville, Fort Worth, Texas, Columbia, South Carolina, and Bergen County, New Jersey, are on the way as well, as well as one in Calgary, Canada.

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Pvolve has made a name for itself with its unique approach to functional fitness featuring a low-impact, big-results method that focuses on holistic training rather than strengthening a few basic muscle groups. According to its website, this approach is led by science, not hype, and is supported by a Clinical Advisory Board of highly credentialed doctors, trainers and experts. 

The company also holds a high standard regarding user satisfaction. Pvolve recently reduced its subscription price to make its methods more accessible to new customers and reward its existing ones. It also launched two new equipment bundles largely inspired by client feedback. 

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