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Product of the Week: Is Vuori Pulling Ahead in the Athleisure Race?  

Product of the Week: Is Vuori Pulling Ahead in the Athleisure Race?  

Vuori has carved out a niche in the saturated athleisure market with designs featuring muted colors and comfortable, functional fabrics
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Vuori was founded in 2015 by Joe Kudla, who sought an activewear brand targeted primarily to men. In 2014, Kudla quit his consulting job and raised $700,000 in a friends and family funding round, betting on a more lifestyle-focused athleisure brand.

The risk paid off: today, Vuori is valued at $4 billion, filling a niche in the men’s athletic apparel market while also creating a thriving women’s collection. Vuori, the Finnish word for “mountain,” evokes the brand’s commitment to comfortable athletic apparel for tough hikes, errands or anything in between.

Athletech News tested bestselling Vuori products, as well as items from its new collections, to see how the brand stacks up compared to other premium athleisure brands. 


Vuori perfectly straddles California coastal-inspired designs with functional and comfortable fabrics. Although the clothing is soft enough to wear all day and night, it is also moisture-wicking and quick-drying. For those on the go, the fabrics don’t wrinkle, and the brand seems to have paid attention to all the little details that most ignore, like perfectly placed seams, well-calibrated compression, and flattering fits. 

Many athleisure brands, particularly those marketed primarily to women, design brightly colored clothing. Vuori takes a different approach, with mostly muted, natural colors that evoke its Californian heritage. Although some pieces come in splashy colorways, the brand largely stays true to its down-to-earth origins. 

credit: Vuori

Unlike many athleisure brands, which prioritize their women’s lines, Vuori has capitalized on the growing number of male consumers who want well-fitted, stylish and comfortable activewear. The Strato Tech Tee can take consumers from gym workouts to coffee to a nice dinner due to its high-quality construction and on-trend colorways.

The Kore Short is the perfect length to be flattering but also functional for runs and lifts; it has over 15,000 reviews and nearly a 5-star rating on the website. Overall, many of the men’s items on the website have more reviews than their women’s counterparts, which is unusual for activewear, demonstrating the brand’s success in resonating with male consumers. 

It’s difficult not to reach for Vuori clothing when it’s in your closet. It is consistently comfortable and works in all types of weather. The brand’s famous DreamKnit fabric is true to its name: it’s a dream. The fabric is luxurious but durable and versatile through different types of weather.

You may have seen the Performance Joggers on planes or around town; one of Vuori’s bestselling products, the pants are some of the most comfortable companions even on the longest of flights or days. They are popular among both men and women and are available in around twenty different colors. The joggers are popular for casual wear, hikes, and yoga. Other popular DreamKnit items are the women’s Halo Crew, an oversized and cozy pullover, and the men’s Short Sleeve Ponto Performance Tee.

Although Vuori stays committed to comfort, it also has performance-focused collections, such as AllTheFeels. The fabric feels almost weightless on the skin, with a soft four-way stretch. Like most of the brand’s products, it is ideal for both workouts and all-day casual wear. Vuori’s Daily Legging is similarly versatile, with similar four-way stretch and moisture-wicking features, but with a wide waistband and drawstring for a no-slip fit. 

credit: Vuori

Vuori is also focused on sustainability and ethical manufacturing practices. The brand partners with environmentally friendly manufacturers and pursued Climate Neutral certification, measuring and offsetting its carbon emissions.


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Although I followed the care instructions, I found my joggers pilled a little after just a few washes. For those who want to get the most out of their Vuori clothing, it might be best to only hand wash and line dry items. 

Also, many of the products are best for cooler days or lower-intensity workouts, like mild-weather hikes or mat workouts. The DreamKnit fabric is best for breezy weather but might be too warm for late spring or summer heat. 

Most of the sports bras are also low or medium impact, likely not supportive enough for longer runs or HIIT workouts. The Yosemite bra, while great for walks, hikes, or yoga, falls into this category. However, it is one of the most comfortable sports bras that I have ever worn: I almost forgot I was wearing it after hours on the go.  

Vuori’s prices are higher than many mainstream activewear brands. However, the brand is, for the most part, less expensive than brands like Lululemon or Alo. Those looking for more budget-friendly, lower-quality activewear should turn elsewhere, but Vuori’s price is reasonable for the quality.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Vuori is one of the most comfortable clothing brands on the market. The brand has unisex appeal in terms of functionality and fashion. For those seeking clothing that feels like a second skin but performs for lower- or medium-intensity workouts when needed, look no further than Vuori. 

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