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Planet Fitness Asks: What’s Gotten into Lindsay Lohan?

Planet Fitness Asks: What’s Gotten into Lindsay Lohan?

The fitness chain debuts a celebrity-packed ad for its “Feel Fitacular” campaign ahead of Super Bowl Sunday

Planet Fitness has created a humorous Super Bowl spot that asks, “What’s gotten into Lindsay Lohan?” The ad is part of the new “Feel Fitacular” campaign that Planet Fitness is promoting for 2022.

The Super Bowl ad is humorous, poking fun at Lohan’s previous run-ins with the law during her youth and her former party girl reputation. The spot can be viewed before Sunday’s big game on YouTube. NBC has sold out all of its spot inventory ahead of the game at the SoFi Stadium in LA. 

The fitness operator is inviting people to join Planet Fitness and realize the benefits of working out. In the ad, Lindsay Lohan is seen as being mentally sharper, sleeping better, has increased productivity, and has traded “DUI’s for DIYs,” since joining Planet Fitness.

“It’s not too late to kickstart your health and wellness goals for 2022 and make fitness a priority,” said Jeremy Tucker, chief marketing officer at Planet Fitness in a press release. “Joining the Judgment Free Zone allows everyone to become a healthier, happier version of themselves, regardless of fitness level, and improve both physical and mental wellbeing through exercise.”

Publicis Worldwide created the commercial, which features Dennis Rodman, Danny Trejo, and TikTok creator @AngryReactionsGuy. The spot is narrated by William Shatner, who is also in the ad with Lohan.

“Our goal is to get as many people off the couch and to experience good things like fitness and feeling good — without the intimidation,” Tucker told Variety

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Planet Fitness was one of the few fitness companies that reported membership returning to near pre-COVID levels and didn’t have a single location permanently close due to the pandemic. The Planet Fitness stock (NYSE: PLNT) hit an all-time high last November. 

The Planet Fitness spot will air Super Bowl 56 on February 13th on NBC.

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