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Muse Names Jean-Michel Fournier as its New CEO

Muse Names Jean-Michel Fournier as its New CEO

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Fournier joins brain health platform Muse from BODi, where he served as president of corporate development and strategic partnerships

While many fitness and wellness businesses are focusing on biohacking for health performance, other tech-focused brands, like Muse, are zeroing in on the brain and optimizing its efficiency for overall health and wellness.

Interaxon, the parent company of brain health platform Muse, has named Jean-Michel Fournier as its new CEO and board member. Fournier succeeds Derek Luke, who will transition to an advisory role at Muse and Interaxon.

Fournier joins Muse and Interaxon from BODi, where he served as president of corporate development and strategic partnerships. Fournier also had a stint as CEO of Les Mills Media and co-founded BitGym, a mobile and computer vision platform. He’s also held several senior executive roles at UnitedHealth Group and Hewlett Packard.

“I’m thrilled to lead Interaxon into this next phase of growth. Interaxon has proven to be a leader in neurotechnology by driving innovation through groundbreaking EEG-powered products and experiences,” Fournier told Athletech News. “Our products offer significant value to the neuroscience community and our strategic healthcare partners. What’s most exciting? Knowing we are barely scratching the surface of understanding how our technology can support the advancement of mental health and deepen our understanding of the complex brain.”

The company’s flagship product, The Muse headband, uses EEG sensors to monitor brain activity and provide real-time feedback to users about their mental state, including their level of focus, relaxation and stress. 

Muse CEO

The tech-forward headband is manufactured by Interaxon, a Canadian neurotechnology company founded in 2007 by a group of neuroscientists, engineers and designers to further neuroscience research and assist individuals in developing rewarding meditation practices.

While many who attempt meditation can quickly become frustrated with quieting the mind or wondering if they are on the right path in their meditation practice, Muse offers the ability to track progress in real-time and promote a consistent meditation routine while improving emotional regulation. After a meditation session, Muse headband users can review data that shows how long they spent in a calm and focused state.

The appointment of Fournier marks Interaxon’s intention to broaden its reach and impact by developing new products and partnerships to address various health and wellness issues.

“Jean-Michel’s experience and expertise in the wellness and healthcare industries will be invaluable as we continue to grow and innovate at Interaxon,” said Ariel Garten, Interaxon co-founder and Chief Evangelist Officer. “We are excited to see the impact he will have on our company, our customers and our mission of empowering people to live healthier, happier lives.”

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Numerous research institutions have used Muse, including The Mayo Clinic, NASA, Harvard and MIT. According to one published study by The Mayo Clinic, using Muse for meditation improves quality of life and reduces stress and fatigue in cancer patients.

The brain health platform also has a podcast, Untangle, that features conversations with meditation and mindfulness experts covering sleep, neuroscience and brain health practices.

Last year, Muse announced a $9.5 million Series C funding round to support new research initiatives and increase accessibility to its EEG tech platform. 

*This story was updated with comments from Fournier.

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