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Muse has launched digital sleeping ‘pills’

Muse has launched digital sleeping ‘pills’

The neurotech & meditation company unveiled a next-gen headband

The next generation of a brain-sensing meditation headband has arrived, created to help users fall (and stay) asleep. Developed by Interaxon, a consumer neurotechnology and meditation company, the Muse S Gen 2 headband features responsive “digital sleeping pills” that work with brain activity. The digital product offers a med-free option for a successful night of sleep. 

Sleep is hard to come by, and many suffer from daily stressors that prevent them from getting a good night of rest.

“According to the CDC, more than a third of American adults are not getting enough sleep on a regular basis with less than seven hours per day. This innovative new solution can help users get the rest they need to improve their overall wellness with a non-pharmaceutical sleep aid,” says Walter Greenleaf, Chief Science Officer of Muse.

The digital headband hopes to improve the sleep experience. Muse uses EEG tech to track sleep quality and use data to provide a personalized sleep score. The band can also measure how well a user can focus. Greenleaf says this is helpful, but before data collection, users need to be able to fall asleep comfortably and with ease.

“For many of us, increasingly busy days translate into busy minds at night and restless sleep. While sleep tracking can be helpful to gain insights on trends and changes in your sleep quality, tracking your sleep doesn’t provide immediate relief when you need it most,” Greenleaf says.

Before heading to bed, Muse S 2 headband users can select a “digital pill” from a collection that ranges from Sleep Adventures, Sleep Stories, Ambient Sleep Soundscapes, Biofeedback Sleep Soundscapes, and Guided Sleep Meditations. Each “pill” offers a different experience, and users can select the one that appeals to them the most:

  • Original, Classic, and Adventure Sleep Stories: features a voice narration of classic childhood stories & new original stories
  • Ambient Sleep Soundscapes: narrator-free and includes soothing ambient music and harmonized sounds 
  • Biofeedback Sleep Soundscapes: features the sounds of nature and music that responds to biofeedback 
  • Guided Sleep Meditations: a guided meditation that features a teacher

Using Smart Fade Technology, a user’s phone will control the volume and sleep content while Muse tracks activity in the user’s brain. Muse will detect the activity if the digital headband user stirs and lull them back to sleep with a soundscape or meditation. The new hardware release provides increased accuracy and better battery performance, cutting charging time in a half. Muse also says it has improved the fit of the digital meditation and sleep headbands for maximum comfort.

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Meditation practitioners generally experience a higher quality of sleep, and Muse harnesses the power of the mindful practice with a content library of over 500 meditations. Muse’s product was used in a variety of studies about the health benefits of meditation and its ease and non-invasive use. 

Sleep fitness is a growing wellness trend, as the positive link between health, fitness, and sleep is becoming more apparent. The gen 2 headband is among a variety of other non-pharmaceutical sleep aid solutions that are hitting the market, like Eight Sleep

Muse currently has 500,000 global users and is available in four languages. The Muse S 2 is available for $399.99 on the Muse site (ships in one to two weeks) and will be available on Amazon in 2022.

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