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LIT Method Announces Franchise Opportunity with Innovative Approach

LIT Method Announces Franchise Opportunity with Innovative Approach

The hybrid digital & physical experience is looking to reimagine the future of fitness

Low Impact Training (LIT) Method has announced a franchise opportunity and has a development goal of 100 signed units within 12 months. The company introduced a versatile strength training machine last year.

LIT Method Launches Franchise Opportunity Logo

The LIT Method offers an innovative workout that promises no running, jumping, or weights with a “building bodies, not breaking them” approach. LIT has an investment from Marcy Venture Partners and former Los Angeles Dodger Adrian Gonzalez. Jay-Z also invested in the company last year. 

Chief Strategy Officer Michael Abramson is leading LIT Method’s franchise expansion. Abramson, with two decades of fitness industry experience, recently served as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Revenue Officer for Xponential Fitness and assisted in taking Xponential Fitness public. He also served as President of D1 Training, leading the franchise model. 

“I’m certainly no stranger to the fitness or franchising space, and what we’re doing at LIT has never been done,” said Abramson in a press release. “No other fitness brand has our hybrid studio and showroom model, and our proprietary Low Impact Strength Machine. This isn’t just Pilates 2.0 — it’s the only machine in the world that’s a rower and reformer in one — the only piece of equipment on the market allowing people to truly do it all. Its seamless transition from a rower and resistance strength training system to a reformer will allow franchisees to meet the growing needs of diverse clientele.” 

LIT will offer a hybrid of multiple revenue streams, which Abramson says is crucial. The revenue streams will include virtual training, LIT Labs with direct-to-consumer products, and a traditional brick-and-mortar group fitness program.

“This is the future of fitness. Multifunctional machine. Multiple revenue streams. Multiple demographics served. The compelling potential of strong unit-level economics paired with celebrity backing and a supportive home office team makes us very confident that this franchise opportunity will be well received and pursued,” says Abramson.

The LIT Method was launched as a “passion project” by founders Justin and Taylor Norris, who emphasized fitness results without injuries. The husband and wife team created the method after recovering from their own injuries and opened their first studio in West Hollywood in 2017. By 2020, they introduced the patent pending LIT Strength Machine, an all-in-one Pilates reformer, water rower, and strength trainer that provides over 500 low-impact exercises. 

In a 2021 interview with Authority Magazine, the founders said that they are disrupting the fitness industry by changing the way people approach high intensity, low-impact strength training.

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LIT reports a wildly successful 400% year-over-year growth with its direct-to-consumer approach.

“We are the first tech company to come into the fitness and franchising space with a product — where there is a no cap model,” says Justin Norris.

“A model with only physical space restricts franchisees to revenue within four walls. We’re ready to break that fourth wall and create an unprecedented opportunity for entrepreneurs,” adds Taylor Norris.

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