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Lifesum Creates Healthy Fasting Program for Employee Wellness

Lifesum Creates Healthy Fasting Program for Employee Wellness

Designed to increase employee well-being and boost productivity, Lifesum’s latest program helps workers make fasting fit their lifestyle 

Lifesum, a healthy eating app that has attracted major employers such as Amazon, GE and PayPal, has introduced a new digital health benefit, the Healthy Fasting Program, available through its Lifesum for Work corporate wellness platform.

The Lifesum Healthy Fasting Program allows users to design a fasting plan that works for them based on their lifestyle and needs or opt for a pre-set fasting interval. Employees receive nutritional guidance on what to eat based on their fast selection, providing recipes with reminders of when to start and end their fast. 

The fasting lifestyle can be an ideal and healthy approach for employees, as proponents say it can optimize productivity and overall wellness.

“Fasting is a popular way of eating, but helping employees to find a fasting routine that fits their personal needs is key,” said Signe Svanfeldt, Lifesum’s lead nutritionist. “When practiced safely, individuals report higher levels of concentration, and feel more focused and energized.”

A Food-First Approach To Corporate Wellness

Since launching its healthy eating app in 2013, Lifesum has inspired over 60 million people with its unique approach to better-for-you food choices that incorporates personalized nutrition insights, guidance, recipes, meal plans, diets and food and exercise trackers.

As consumers continue to pivot towards wellness apps, platforms and therapies, employers have also taken note of the benefits of investing in employees’ health, such as increased engagement, retention and reduced absenteeism — all of which work in tandem to increase a company’s bottom line.

Lifesum recently added group insurance company YuLife as a corporate wellness partner, bringing its corporate wellness experience to member companies such as Tesco, Santander and Capital One.

The healthy eating app has also taken an innovative approach with the recent launch of its Hormonal Meal Plan, which encourages employees to balance hormones naturally and addresses what Lifesum calls a “workplace blindspot.”

While available to both male and female employees, Lifesum’s Hormonal Meal Plan gives special consideration and attention to the nutritional needs of women experiencing menopausal symptoms, which, according to Lifesum, costs American women roughly $1.8 billion in lost working time each year.

In addition to nutritional support, Lifesum also promotes sleep hygiene and its impact on workplace wellness, as seen by a partnership with Oura. As part of collaborating with the wearable tech company, employees can access Lifesum’s sleep tracking feature to understand the link between sleep, nutrition and workplace performance. 

Svanfeldt offers the following tips for employees looking to fast healthily at work:

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1. Avoid excessive caffeine: drinking black coffee is fine while fasting, but be careful not to exceed the individual tolerance level, as this can lead to headaches, dizziness, increased heart rate, and nausea. If you still feel like having a warm drink after consuming your daily coffee amount, enjoy an unsweetened, caffeine-free herbal tea instead.

2. Hydrate: stay properly hydrated throughout the day. Always keep a water bottle or glass close by, as it can help to curb hunger. If you want to make your water more exciting, infuse it with some herbs and/or sliced vegetables. Mint and cucumber are a perfect combination.

3. Plan meals ahead: make sure to plan your daily intake of food, and bring a nutritious meal to work. If you fast during the morning, it is likely that you will be very hungry during lunch. The natural temptation is to reach for a quick-fix sugary snack instead of a proper meal, so ensure that you prepare a home-cooked, nutritious meal instead.

4. Breaking the fast: when breaking the fast, aim to eat a balanced meal rich in fiber, protein, and healthy fats to achieve a stable blood sugar raise, as well as filling you up with nutritious fuel. These three components help you stay fuller for longer and provide essential nutrients.

5. Stay flexible: always prioritize your health and well-being. Even if you had planned to fast for a certain amount of hours, it is important to listen to your body. Stay flexible and allow yourself to break if required. Fasting is not for everyone. We all have individual needs that can vary depending on the day, sleep duration and daily activities.

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