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Centr Powers Up as Hyrox Equipment Provider

Centr Powers Up as Hyrox Equipment Provider

Chris Hemsworth’s Centr has entered the competitive fitness space, providing Hyrox-branded equipment for races, gyms and at-home

As Centr continues to lay the groundwork for its holistic wellness ecosystem, the company has now pushed into the competitive sports arena, teaming with Hyrox to be the competitive fitness platform’s official equipment provider.

The deal will see the Chris Hemsworth-founded Centr develop a performance line of battle ropes, power sleds, interlocking bumper weight plates, competition kettlebells, sandbags, wall balls and targets, racks and rigs to be used at Hyrox competitions starting next year. Hyrox’s rigorous indoor fitness races blend running and functional workout stations in a competition designed for all, regardless of whether they are a pro athlete or an everyday fitness enthusiast.

Centr is also expanding its reach past the fitness races, allowing gyms, studios and consumers to soon purchase the equipment directly from Centr as well as Hyrox and additional retailers. In addition to fitness equipment, Centr will also offer premium digital content to Hyrox competitors and develop a training program in preparation for race day and beyond.

credit: Centr/Hyrox

Founded by Hemsworth in 2019, Centr was acquired by HighPost Capital early last year in a deal that included the purchase of equipment marker Inspire Fitness. While Centr focused on its at-home fitness endeavors this year, recently launching a line of home gym equipment, Centr CEO Andrew Sugerman has told Athletech News that 2024 would bring “broader commercial opportunities.”

Centr x Hyrox: A Joint Mission of Health & Fitness

The competitive fitness industry is surging in popularity in North America, according to Sugerman, who emphasized that the new partnership with Hyrox is aligned with Centr’s ethos. Just as Centr has built a holistic wellness ecosystem with a growing footprint, Sugerman notes that Hyrox has created a competitive fitness platform that is globally accessible.

“Hyrox has made its ecosystem easy to become a part of, and that sense of community really aligns with what Centr stands for, as we look to democratize health and wellness for everyone on the planet through resources and physical tools,” Sugerman said. “Centr will be deeply integrated into the community and we’re excited to be able to have such an impactful presence in a sport that’s constantly growing in popularity.” 

Hyrox founder Christian Toetzke commented that Centr instinctively understood the “soul” of competitive fitness, hitting the mark with its range of high–quality and varied equipment to provide a consistent training and competition experience for its community.

He said that selecting Centr as the brand to work with was an easy choice for the growing competitive fitness market, believing that as the sport of fitness racing expands, Centr will occupy the same role as other great equipment makers that have become synonymous with their sports.

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“Within 3 -5 years, we will have half a million people racing in a season, on every continent in every major metropole on the planet,” Toetzke said. “We needed a partner who could understand the global ambitions of the sport and be able to come with us on the journey. Centr provides us a partner who mirrors our ambitions and supports that with a global reach, impressive production and innovation in the equipment and a deep dataset of user experience to base those innovations on.”

Centr Continues To Expand

In recent months, Centr has been making good on its promise of a comprehensive wellness strategy. The brand has introduced its in-home fitness kits, accessories and strength equipment and tapped Asensei to create an AI-powered connected fitness experience.

The Hemsworth-founded company has also partnered with for a longevity-centered mission, working together to combat age-related diseases and promote wellness on a global scale.

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