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LG Expands Fitness Offerings With Dance Workouts From 305 Fitness

LG Expands Fitness Offerings With Dance Workouts From 305 Fitness

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305’s at-home fitness approach turns a living room into a rave, taking inspiration from the South Florida dance scene

LG has added 305 Fitness classes to its content store, the result of an exclusive partnership to liven up at-home fitness with a Miami-infused dance workouts.

LG has been on a mission to expand the fitness programming the brand offers on its Smart TVs, recently partnering with boutique fitness brand Xponential Fitness

305 Fitness, a nod to Miami’s area code, launched in 2012 and merges dance and HIIT workouts into a fun, 45-minute full-body workout with custom DJ mixes. The high-energy workout has gained a fan in singer Dua Lipa. 

The 305 app is developed by FORTË, a B2B interactive video streaming platform for gyms, boutique studios, influencers and sports leagues. 

“We were beyond excited to find out that LG TV approached 305 Fitness to partner with them. It was a no-brainer to build a 305 TV app and help them to bring this opportunity to life,” said Lauren Foundos, FORTË CEO. “Sadie and the 305 team are going to light up living rooms around the world with their sick dance moves, positive vibes, empowering community and workouts that are so fun that you forget you’re even working out.”

As a result of the pandemic, 305 created two new revenue streams, the at-home fitness approach and its instructor certification program. Sadie Kurzban, the CEO and founder of 305 Fitness, was inspired by the South Florida dance scene when she created the brand.

Kurzban revealed in an interview that she struggled with body image issues when she was younger and that dance was the only class that didn’t make her feel bad about herself.

“It was the first fitness-style class where I was actually just really enjoying myself and feeling free and proud of my body,” Kurzban said in 2021 to Jewish Insider.

She began teaching Zumba and experimenting with her fitness dance style, teaching classes on campus at Brown University. After winning $25,000 for a business project at Brown, Kurzban used the funds to help launch a single studio in New York.

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While some investors advised her to change her fitness program to focus on metrics such as heart rate and intensity, she chose a more fun and community-driven fitness approach. 

Instead, 305 classes are more organic, with no emphasis on weight loss or image but rather on having fun and moving. Kurzban also took care to highlight LGBTQ participants and instructors.

The dance fitness brand has grown, with two flagship studios in NYC and 305 instructors teaching in 30 states, reaching over a million global members.

Spring Clean Your Vibes w/ Sadie, Get Your Sh*t Together w/ Zach & DJ Kai Mara and More than Dance, which includes HIIT, stretching and toning classes, are among the workouts available in the 305 at-home library. Regardless of the class selected, 305 Fitness promises live DJs, bright lights and a party-like atmosphere. 

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