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InsideTracker Adds Support for Oura Ring Sleep Data

InsideTracker Adds Support for Oura Ring Sleep Data

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The integration combines Oura’s sleep and activity data with InsideTracker’s proprietary analysis of blood biomarkers and DNA data

InsideTracker, the personal health analysis and data-driven wellness company, announced an integration with Oura, the company behind the innovative Oura Ring. The collaboration combines real-time analytics and science-based recommendations to empower individuals to live healthier, longer lives.

By integrating the Oura Ring, InsideTracker expands its support for wearable devices and unlocks a range of functionalities for its users. The integration combines Oura’s comprehensive sleep and activity data with InsideTracker’s proprietary analysis of blood biomarkers and DNA data. The result is a more comprehensive and personalized interpretation of health data, accompanied by “ProTips” that aim to optimize well-being.

“We are pleased to support the direct integration of Oura, which will allow more users to receive lifestyle-based healthspan recommendations unique to them, based not just on periodic bloodwork and DNA biomarkers but continuous physiological measurements as well,” said Renee Deehan, Ph.D., vice president of science and AI at InsideTracker.

The integration of Oura Ring’s sleep and activity data with InsideTracker’s insights provides users with actionable, evidence-based recommendations. For instance, sleep duration can indicate the need to adjust caffeine intake, while insights into deep sleep can highlight the potential benefits of specific supplements.

Research conducted by InsideTracker reveals that customers who utilize a fitness tracker connected to the InsideTracker app and achieve the recommended 7–9 hours of sleep are more likely to have optimal levels of blood biomarkers such as vitamin D, compared to those who sleep less than seven hours per night.

The inclusion of data from integrated wearables eliminates the manual entry of sleep and activity data, enhancing the quality of the information and the subsequent personalization of recommendations. Furthermore, this integration encourages necessary behavioral changes, facilitating users in reaching their healthspan goals, supporting healthy habits, and integrating daily physiological data with quarterly blood biomarker testing and DNA results.

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“Oura Ring is uniquely equipped to provide continuous, individual biometric feedback in a seamless and non-invasive way,” said Geoff Wylde, general manager of Oura for business. “We’re thrilled to partner with InsideTracker given our shared goal of providing personalized health data to help people live longer and healthier lives.”

This integration represents an important step in empowering individuals to take control of their well-being by leveraging the power of data and technology. By combining the comprehensive insights offered by InsideTracker’s analysis of blood biomarkers and DNA data with the continuous monitoring provided by the Oura Ring, users can gain a deeper understanding of their health and receive personalized recommendations to optimize their overall well-being.

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