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I’m a Pilates Instructor & These $24 Grip Socks Are the Only Ones I Wear 

I’m a Pilates Instructor & These $24 Grip Socks Are the Only Ones I Wear 

The WellBeing + BeingWell Striped Tube Grip Socks from Revolve check all the boxes: they’re durable, grippy, high-performing and stylish
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It’s no secret that Pilates is having a moment. Ever since the pandemic in 2020, the versatile workout has skyrocketed in popularity.

If you’re a Pilates regular (or Pilates princess as they say on TikTok), one accessory you can’t have enough of is Pilates grip socks. After all, having the right pair of grip socks for your Pilates reformer practice is an essential gym bag staple. In fact, most studios won’t let you take class if you don’t wear them. But not all grip socks are created equal. I recently purchased the WellBeing + BeingWell Striped Tube Grip Socks from Revolve, and I’m calling it: they’re my new favorites. 

As a certified Pilates instructor, I’ve tried my fair share of Pilates socks and this best-selling style ticks all the boxes for me. Yes, $24 might sound expensive for one single pair of socks, but when it comes to pilates socks, quality is everything. After all, when you’re working out on the reformer you need a sturdy pair with good, strong grips that will not only prevent you from getting hurt, they’ll also help advance your practice by improving balance and stability in all the different positions. 

The biggest selling point is the durability of the grips on the sole. Most other socks I’ve tried have thinner grips that wear out after a few uses. But I’ve worn these a few times a week for months (not to mention washed them a dozen times) and they’re still just as sticky as they were when I got them.

credit: Taylor Jean Stephan

Other buyers agree. “They have lasted me months and are still grippy. I do Pilates multiple times a week,” raves one.

Another adds, “The stickiness is so good.”

To this day I haven’t found a better performing pair. I’m big on fit and feel and these 80% cotton socks are super soft, with just the right amount of stretch. I love the stylish tube length of the socks and how they’re just snug enough around the calf without being suffocating. Once they’re on, they’re on; and they stay in place all workout long. That justifies the price to me. 

credit: Taylor Jean Stephan

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Not only do the little heart-shaped grips outperform others, they’re the perfect way to complete your pilates outfit. Like any TikTok pilates princess, you can usually find me in a chic monochromatic matching set and having socks that coordinate really helps pull the look together. The simple striped style comes in five neutral colorways, from classic white and black to beige and gray or off-white and navy blue. When in doubt I reach for the classic black and white pair, but the blanc alfalfa green (a light, neutral khaki) is a close second. 

Trust me, I’ve tried them all and if you’re looking for an investment pair of pilates socks, you won’t be disappointed with these.

Buy the WellBeing + BeingWell Striped Tube Grip Socks from Revolve here.

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