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Gympass Expands as it Acquires Andjoy & 7Card

Gympass Expands as it Acquires Andjoy & 7Card

The corporate wellness unicorn is expanding its fitness footprint

Gympass, a Brazil-founded corporate well-being platform with a coveted unicorn status, has announced the expansion of its European fitness footprint with the acquisition of Andjoy in Spain and 7Card in Romania.


Gympass says the acquisition of Andjoy, a platform for corporate fitness, will help strengthen its position in Spain and expand its network. Andjoy, founded in Barcelona in 2013, has grown to include 2,200 wellbeing partners. The acquisition will bring over 400 corporate clients like Glovo and Iberdrola, as well as new partners CET10 and Aiguajoc. 

“We’re very excited to be a part of Gympass’ journey,” said Javier Calderero, Director of Operations at Andjoy. “We have a very similar vision for the future and our clients and partners will no doubt see the benefits of us working together. Through this acquisition we’ll reach new audiences and continue to grow, eliminating barriers to activity and promoting healthy habits.”

7Card, a well-being leader in the Romania market, will assist Gympass in making well-being universal with its 1,000+ corporate clients and 600+ partners.

“These acquisitions continue our exciting progress at Gympass, expanding our business in Europe as we continue to grow worldwide,” said Cesar Carvalho, co-founder and CEO at Gympass. “Andjoy will enable us to offer an even better service to our clients in Spain, and we see Romania as an exceptional opportunity to expand and revolutionize the wellbeing market there.”

Carvalho developed the concept for Gympass when he was a consultant for McKinsey & Company. As he was constantly traveling for work, he faced difficulties finding fitness solutions and wanted to create a “shared economy” for fitness facilities. Carvalho also recognized physical inactivity as a global issue.

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In addition to Andjoy and 7Card, Gympass and Sodexo have signed a commercial agreement. The deal will enable Sodexo to offer the Gympass platform to its clients across the globe. 

Gympass closed out 2021 with the acquisition of Trainiac, a 1-on-1 online personal training leader. The company says a global rollout will occur throughout the rest of the year.

Last February, Athletech News talked to Gympass about its success with helping clients go virtual in two weeks.

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