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Gympass Scores a Win: As Employee Demand for Well-Being Rises, the Platform Exceeds 250 Million Check-Ins

Gympass Scores a Win: As Employee Demand for Well-Being Rises, the Platform Exceeds 250 Million Check-Ins

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Gympass has surged in popularity, reporting that the platform has grown ten times faster than it did in its first nine years

Quiet quitting, rage applying, ‘bare minimum Mondays’ – the workforce has recently produced a slew of buzzwords. If Gympass is any indication, a significant number of employees are signaling a new trend: holistic employees – those who prioritize their health and well-being with the expectation that their employers support wellness.

And it appears that they are.

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Gympass, the world’s largest employee well-being platform, has announced that it has received over 250 million check-ins to its network of partners providing physical and mental health resources.

The latest check-in number comes 18 months after Gympass reached 100 million total check-ins, demonstrating that the well-being platform is growing ten times faster than it did in its first nine years.

As the employee demand for well-being has risen, a luxury coffee maker or free snacks in the break room simply aren’t cutting it. Employees instead want increased wellness benefits, classes, opportunities, and access to well-being apps.

Gympass concurs, stating that its acceleration results from a combination of factors, including employee reprioritization.

According to Gympass’s 2022 State of Work-Life Wellness Report, 83% of employees believe that their well-being is just as important as their salary, with 77% saying they would consider leaving a job that didn’t prioritize health and wellness. The rise in the employee demand for well-being is putting pressure on employers to prove they are just as committed to overall wellness as their employees.

Companies recognize that employees with access to well-being programs impact more than just retention, productivity, and happiness. It also helps to reduce absenteeism and healthcare costs. For example, according to Gympass, a Harvard study on the ROI of wellness programs found that businesses save $3.27 for every dollar spent on healthcare costs.

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Overall, Gympass is benefiting from the increased emphasis on workplace wellness, with a 44% increase in corporate clients in 2022 compared to 2021, including Citizens Bank, SeatGeek, and the University of Phoenix. According to the well-being platform, organizations that use Gympass can achieve 43% higher retention rates and up to 25% lower annual employee healthcare costs than those that do not.

Gympass has been busy collaborating with other wellness organizations such as Thrive Global, Headspace, Sleep Cycle, 24 Hour Fitness, Orangetheory Fitness, and CorePower Yoga, which it says helps keep the platform as flexible and adaptable for all employees as possible.

Headspace was one of Gympass’s fastest-growing apps within the first week of launch at the start of the year, demonstrating that mental health is just as important to employees as physical well-being.

“Gympasss and its partners are lowering the barriers to entry for well-being,” said Cesar Carvalho, CEO and co-founder of Gympass. “We’re building a more accessible, flexible platform so that people can take care of themselves based on their own individual needs, whether that is physical or emotional health, nutrition, sleep or other interests. Gympass’ growth is a direct result of our expansion and investment into these areas – and we’re not slowing down.”

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