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BREAKING: Orangetheory Fitness Joins Gympass Conglomerate

BREAKING: Orangetheory Fitness Joins Gympass Conglomerate

A year after doubling its worth to $2.2 billion, Gympass continues to elevate its business profile by adding another premier fitness brand to its roster — Orangetheory Fitness

Gympass has done it again. Following announcements of partnering with Les Mills, LA Fitness and Strava, among others, the world’s largest employee wellness platform has added Orangetheory Fitness to its thrilling offerings. According to the platform, Gympass’ new business relationship with Orangetheory Fitness has been on the wishlist of members and comes at a crucial time as more individuals seek in-person exercise as pandemic restrictions continue to ease.


Gympass CEO and co-founder Cesar Carvalho stated on the occasion, “Our mission at Gympass has always been to make well-being universally accessible, and with Orangetheory in the fold, we are one step closer to achieving this goal. OrangeTheory is a true giant in the fitness world, and we are elated to bring the studio’s innovative, science-backed workouts to our Gympass members. At a time when wellness benefits have become crucial to employee retention and recruitment, giving employees access to a fitness brand as ubiquitous as Orangetheory will be an incredible asset to HR departments across the country.”

Gympass is known and respected for providing their employees with the same health and wellness offerings they give clients as a company benefit.

Orangetheory Fitness founder and CEO Dave Long also agrees the burgeoning relationship between his company and Gympass will only prove to be beneficial for both parties, their employees and their client base. “Gympass is a true innovator in the corporate wellness space, and we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to leverage their expertise and roster of clients to grow our community by making Orangetheory more accessible to thousands of corporations and their employees,” he said. 

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Long added, “Orangetheory is all about the science, and the proof is there that wellness programs are critical to employees’ health and productivity. We can’t wait to welcome Gympass users to our family and become a part of their fitness journeys.”

Gympass celebrated its 10th anniversary in late June, and within a decade of its existence has grown to offer a wide array of fitness programs. In the past year, the employee wellness platform acquired Trainiac, Andjoy and 7Card (based in Seattle, Spain and Romania, respectively). Now Gympass users have the option to enjoy Orangetheory Fitness classes as well for their needs.

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