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Freeletics Launches ‘Strength Gaming’ Experience

Freeletics Launches ‘Strength Gaming’ Experience

The fitness app creator is looking to catch the eye of fitness gamers.

Freeletics, a fitness app creator, recently announced a “strength gaming” experience, offering an innovative strength training fitness workout. The “STÆDIUM” experience allows users to discover a unique and fun way to get fit and has tech that even James Bond would envy.

Freeletics is the creator of the premier fitness app in Europe with 52 million users.

Founded in 2013, Freeletics says that its strength gaming method will offer a fun full-body workout that was chosen by sports scientists. The home training system has two modes: single-player and multiplayer. Strength games will have both collaborative and competitive themes, which Freeletics believes will turn users into devoted game players.

The company, founded in Germany, has become well-known in Europe and has focused on becoming the number one “AI-powered” fitness coaching app. Last year, Freeletics received $25 million in Series B funding, with US-based JAZZ Venture Partners and Causeway Media Partners leading the round. Freeletics said it was planning to use the funding for tech development and to expand its presence globally.

With connected tech in place, the company sought to create an immersive experience and to change the traditional strength training workout.

“We wanted to make STÆDIUM the equivalent to strength training that playing soccer is for running. While you might be running just as much on the field, the setting, the emotions, and the mindset are all completely different, so that the distance feels irrelevant compared to the experience. It doesn’t feel like a workout because it’s a hobby you enjoy. This is what STÆDIUM is here to change about strength training,” said Dr. Kianoush Missaghi, Senior Training Experience Manager at Freeletics.

STÆDIUM consists of three core components, with AI powering the home training system:

  • A game-engine console with “The Eye,” which is a smart motion-tracking camera that will detect form and reps. The console transmits all movement to the user’s TV.
  • Weights that can be swiftly adjusted and will be recognized by “The Eye” to determine weight amount. The weight handle is crafted with aluminum alloy and steel.
  • A base with a removable workout bench that will store all STÆDIUM equipment. The base was designed to be mindful of space limitations and can be positioned vertically to take up even less space. 

Immersive health experiences powered by advanced smart tech seem to be where fitness is headed. Capti Bike recently revealed a new smart bike with a gaming edge and Meta just announced moving into the fitness space with the Oculus Quest 2.

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Daniel Sobhani, CEO of Freeletics, is on board with moving fitness in a new and futuristic direction.

“In 2021, it’s time strength training went from repetitive and boring to smart and addictive,” Sobhani said in a press release. “Our vision is to revolutionize strength training at home.”

“With STÆDIUM, we’ll destroy the boring parts of working out thanks to our unique ‘strength gaming’ experience that will really motivate people to work out and help them build a lasting fitness routine that doesn’t feel like an arduous chore,” Sobhani added.

STÆDIUM by Freeletics is available for pre-order and will ship to EU countries, the UK, and Switzerland. A monthly subscription is needed to access all strength gaming content.

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