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Capti Bike Reacts to Users’ Rides 50 Times Per Second

Capti Bike Reacts to Users’ Rides 50 Times Per Second

The latest smart bike offers immersive tech & a gamified experience.

Capti has announced a smart bike that offers an immersive game-like experience with virtual worlds using their patent-pending technology and promises adventures, giving it a unique edge over competitor Peloton. The smart bike company offers three gaming options to suit a rider’s need to ride, play, and train, providing an entertaining way to reach fitness goals using a personalized avatar. 

Capti’s latest bike offers high-quality 3D graphics on a 24″ screen, 50 maps, 20,000 feet of elevation, and more than 350 miles of graphics with regularly added content using Unreal Engine from Epic Games, a notable name in the gaming industry. Riders can cycle by dinosaurs, dragons, and through meadows and moonlit paths. Capti is reportedly eyeing multiplayer functionality in the future, which would turn the bike into a game controller. 

Using Terrain Adaptive Resistance, Capti’s bike mimics the experience of riding outdoors with steering and shifting and will react to the rider 50 times per second. As a rider ventures up a hill virtually, the resistance will increase on the bike. Riders can enjoy biking mountains and can even cycle under the sea. When riders want to opt for a studio bike experience, the bike can morph to a stationary model with locked handlebars and fixed pedals. Capti also offers fitness workouts inspired by gaming and are community-based, including coin-collecting games, virtual cycling, HIIT, heart rate training, and studio cycling classes. 

The appeal of the Capti bike is that it integrates a rider’s imagination into a fitness experience, making it feel like a fun activity instead of a chore, says Jeff Veldhuizen, CEO of Capti.

In a press release, Veldhuizen says, “The growing convergence of gaming and fitness shows that consumers are looking for fun and engaging ways to level up their workouts. “With traditional connected fitness devices, users are fully aware that they are taking a workout class, making exercise feel like a chore. The beauty of Capti is that it gets you fit by accident. Users can opt to ride through snow-capped mountains or play fun coin-capturing games. Capti makes fitness feel like play for the modern fitness household.”

The Capti bike riders can check out where they fall on the leaderboard and interact with other members. The Capti Membership ($34/month) makes it a healthy and fun family activity by allowing up to 10 family members in a membership who can challenge and compete against one another. 

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Interested consumers can pre-order the Capti bike at a starting price of $2,495. The bikes are slated to ship nationwide at the beginning of December. 

Capti’s New Smart Bike

According to a market research report released earlier this year, the global home fitness bike industry is anticipated to reach $2.33 billion in 2027. 

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