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How Burn Boot Camp’s Dual Approach Ignites Growth for Franchisees

How Burn Boot Camp’s Dual Approach Ignites Growth for Franchisees

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Explore how Burn Boot Camp’s strategy of combining in-gym workouts with the Burn On Demand app offers a comprehensive fitness solution, benefiting both members and franchise partners.

How do you break the code for member engagement and franchisee success? Providing an app with multiple benefits is one approach. 

Burn Boot Camp, known for its strength and high-intensity workouts and supportive community, has stepped into the digital realm with the launch of its Burn On Demand app in October 2023, enhancing the member experience and creating a compelling value proposition for franchise partners.

At the heart of Burn Boot Camp’s philosophy is a simple yet powerful idea: “It’s not what you lose; it’s what you gain. Strength. Confidence. Community.” This ethos extends beyond the physical gym space and into the digital world, where the brand is breaking boundaries and redefining what strength and confidence look like in today’s fitness landscape.

The Dual Approach: In-Gym and On-Demand

Burn Boot Camp’s strategy combines traditional brick-and-mortar locations with cutting-edge digital offerings. This dual approach creates a seamless fitness experience that meets members wherever they are on their fitness journey.

Burn Boot Camp Vice President of Fitness Matt Morris explains the significance of this strategy: “One of the standout benefits of our dual approach is its impact on revenue and member retention. Even if our members are not physically present in your gym, you continue to generate revenue through app subscriptions. This model combats attrition and prevents suspensions and cancellations by keeping members engaged and part of the community, even from afar.”

The Burn On Demand app is designed to empower members both physically and mentally.

“Our app allows members to join a live workout and offers over 15 other categories to choose from, meeting them exactly where they are on any given day,” explains Morris. “Everything from Quick Camps when they’re short on time to Burst Training, kickboxing, recovery and yoga. We provide pelvic floor and pre-natal workouts, education with experts in their field, and tips from our elite trainers.”

What sets Burn On Demand apart is its diverse content library. “Our app’s diverse content prevents workouts from becoming monotonous, ensuring that workouts remain fresh and exciting,” Morris adds. This variety not only keeps members engaged but also provides a comprehensive fitness solution that adapts to changing goals and lifestyles.

credit: Burn Boot Camp

Ease of Management

For franchise partners, the app represents a significant opportunity to boost revenue and enhance member retention. It creates an additional revenue stream through digital subscriptions, complementing the traditional in-gym membership model.

One of the most attractive aspects of the Burn On Demand app for franchise partners is its ease of management. Morris outlines the benefits: “For franchise partners, integrating our app means they have two different revenue streams, in-gym, and On Demand memberships, without the added burden of content creation. Our franchise partner’s primary role is to promote the On Demand feature to members, allowing them to focus on growing their membership base and enhancing the in-gym experience.”

Burn Boot Camp’s approach goes beyond just physical fitness. Morris emphasizes the app’s holistic approach.

“Burn On Demand is where energy, education and entertainment meet, giving women and their families big results for the big lives they lead,” he says.

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He also highlights the app’s role in the broader fitness landscape: “As the recognition of the connection between mental and physical health grows, our content goes beyond traditional workouts. By offering a blend of challenging workouts, and education on recovery and how to stay healthy as a mom and family, we are at the forefront of a fitness revolution. Together, we are shaping the fitness world by breaking boundaries and setting new standards.”

credit: Burn Boot Camp

A Unique Value Proposition for Franchise Partners

Becoming a Burn Boot Camp Franchise partner means leveraging the power of both in-gym locations and the app. This dual approach not only enhances member engagement and retention but also maximizes revenue potential.

For potential franchise partners, the proposition is clear: join a brand that’s committed to actively shaping its future. Burn Boot Camp partners can offer their community a comprehensive fitness solution that adapts to the changing needs and lifestyles of modern consumers.

The brand’s commitment to innovation is summed up in its promise: “Your goals change over time, and the Burn Boot Camp app will always meet you exactly where you are.” This adaptability ensures that both members and franchise partners are well-positioned for long-term success.

In an industry where differentiation is key, Burn Boot Camp’s dual approach to fitness integrates in-gym experiences with a robust digital platform, offering value to both members and franchise partners through a focus on community, adaptability, and holistic wellness.

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