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Post-COVID Report: Blink Fitness Announces Best Sales Month in Company’s History

Post-COVID Report: Blink Fitness Announces Best Sales Month in Company’s History


Blink Fitness has reported a strong post-COVID-19 pandemic performance, including record sales in March. According to Blink Fitness, March was the company’s best-selling month in its 11-year history. 

In light of how many gyms have been affected by the pandemic, this is welcome news for Blink Fitness and may be encouraging for the fitness industry as a whole.

Citing in-gym traffic data, Blink Fitness says its members are returning to its facilities and that the fitness company has also attracted new members. Gym check-ins have soared since 2019, says Blink Fitness

“We are thrilled to see the trend that was undoubtedly coming – people getting back to the gym in record numbers,” says Blink Fitness CEO Todd Magazine. 

Blink Fitness, which has over 100 locations across the country, says it will continue to grow. The expanding fitness chain announced late last year that it would open its eighth location in California. 

The gym brand, which embraces an inclusive, “Mood Above Muscle” approach, has teased the opening of a new location later this spring.

The fitness chain also announced a new offer to attract even more new members, claiming it is the lowest non-commitment plan it has ever offered – $10/month with just $1 to join membership with no commitment. Locations in Manhattan are not included in the offer.

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While many gyms struggled during the COVID-19 pandemic, Blink Fitness says it weathered the storm by keeping its members committed to fitness. 

“Throughout the pandemic, we were able to keep our current and potential members engaged from home through virtual fitness programs such as Get Up and Blink, our trainer-led workouts hosted live on Facebook, and complimentary access to over 500 on-demand classes in our app,” Magazine tells Athletech News

“Now with company record-breaking sales numbers we are excited to continue supporting our members in achieving their health and fitness goals with a premium in-gym experience.”

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