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BeaverFit’s Attention to Detail Separates It From the Equipment Supplier Pack

BeaverFit’s Attention to Detail Separates It From the Equipment Supplier Pack

Thanks in large part to its custom approach, BeaverFit has quickly become a trusted partner for some of the biggest brands in boutique fitness

BeaverFit, the fitness equipment design, manufacture and distribution company with strong ties to the U.S. Military, never does things “just to get them done.” While some brands sacrifice quality for fast or cheaper results, doing so isn’t in the supplier’s DNA. 

A testament to its detail-oriented approach, BeaverFit has inked partnerships to create custom solutions for top brands including Rumble Boxing, MADabolic, Earn Your Stripes, SPENGA, BFT and Precor. 

Brand Specific Solutions

There’s no such thing as a “one size fits all” solution from BeaverFit; the brand takes time to successfully curate custom deliverables that fill specific client needs.

“Where we try to differentiate ourselves is by sitting down and listening to our partners so we can truly understand their needs, and what they’re trying to achieve from an aesthetic and functionality perspective,” explained Nick Vay, BeaverFit VP of Commercial Sales. “Ultimately, this allows us to deliver exactly what they’re asking for, rather than necessarily trying to provide them an ‘off-the-shelf’ product that may only fit some of their needs. It’s not just about the product or the price, but rather the partner and the solution.”

Nick Vay (credit: BeaverFit)

BeaverFit takes no shortcuts and instead pursues meaningful results; the former is a common trap fitness facilities fall into when trying to reinvent themselves with new equipment.

“Trying to go with the easiest or least expensive option rather than taking the time to find the partner who can bring your vision to life, and do so with products that will last,” said Vay when asked about the biggest mistake gyms make while trying to evolve. “This isn’t specific to gyms or studios, just people in general, and 9 times out of 10, when ‘we’ go with the ‘economy’ or easy option, we wish we had spent the time and money to get the right solution rather than the cheapest or fastest solution.” 

credit: Xponential Fitness

The emphasis on following client needs is so great that BeaverFit even views staying out of their way as something equally important to supplying them with top-tier equipment and designs. 

“We want to put their brand and experience first, where BeaverFit is truly just the partner behind the scenes that provides the end product that delivers on that training and brand experience they’re looking to create,” Vay said. 

Precor Taps BeaverFit for Custom Strength Solution 

These principles are already visible in BeaverFit’s partnership with Precor. The brand is currently white-labeling a functional strength training line for the esteemed equipment distributor. 

This collection makes six options available with or without accessory packages. That includes the Fitness Single Bay with the essentials for commercial facilities, a complete functional training Double Bay for high-traffic commercial facilities, a Hospitality Double Bay and Single Bay for limited fitness spaces, a Functional Post offering a single station powerhouse and a Functional Bridge for 360-degree training for solo or small group workouts.

credit: BeaverFit

BeaverFit’s trademark attention to detail and close collaboration with clients was on full display during the project’s inception. 

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“Our team did an amazing job of ensuring the quality, design, aesthetic, and most importantly, functionality, of the product was top-notch,” said Vay. “It really became a collaborative process with the Precor team to create the functionality options they would need to support the needs and demands of the customers they serve. We worked closely with them on various iterations, 8 in total, some new product developments, and training capabilities to round out their functional training options.”

BeaverFit’s staff is made up of fitness enthusiasts. This alone goes a long way in ensuring satisfied customers. 

“Our internal design and engineering teams are not only great at what they do, but they’re also big-time fitness enthusiasts, which allows them to be more thoughtful and prescriptive in what we’re helping our partners bring to life,” said Vay. 

‘Evolve or Die:’ Staying Attentive to Market Demands 

The extensive work BeaverFit puts into designing solutions for partners never ceases; the brand understands the fitness industry’s ever-changing landscape and stays on its toes to meet new demands.

“We know the product we initially deliver is most likely not what they’re going to need later, so having the infrastructure and flexibility to evolve with our partners has been instrumental in our continued support,” noted Vay. “For example, we’ve gone through multiple iterations and evolutions with the solutions we provide for Rumble, Spenga, MADabolic, BFT and others. 

“As the old saying goes, evolve or die,” Vay added. “That’s how we’re going to try to continue to cater to all these brands, through evolution.”

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