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Pain Relief On-the-Go: Therabody Moves into Garments with First-Ever Compression Wearables with Vibration, RecoveryPulse

Pain Relief On-the-Go: Therabody Moves into Garments with First-Ever Compression Wearables with Vibration, RecoveryPulse

Man wearing Therabody RecoveryPulse compression wearable with vibration
Therabody says adding vibration to compression therapy can help people recover faster

Therabody is unwavering in its commitment to helping pro athletes and everyday consumers live pain-free and recovery-focused lives, and it is now expanding its healing technology into the garment market.

RecoveryPulse, a new product from the wellness technology company, combines graduated compression with vibration therapy. The treatment is woven into a germanium-infused wearable sleeve and is intended to provide supportive therapy while on the go or relaxing.

Scientists and engineers at Therabody’s laboratory in Los Angeles, California, spent over two years conducting research and development to better understand the benefits of incorporating vibration into compression therapy. According to the wellness tech company, adding vibration helped people recover faster.

“As we use science and technology to innovate products, services and content that shifts the way people think about and take charge of their health, we believe one of the best ways to help consumers is to provide solutions that integrate into their daily lives,” said Benjamin Nazarian, co-founder and Executive Chairman. “RecoveryPulse wearable technology offers people the freedom they like with the recovery they need.”

Last fall, Therabody announced the completion of a $165 million growth equity round led by private equity firm North Castle Partners, LLC, with existing investors including Aaron Rodgers’ Rx3 Ventures and Kevin Hart’s HartBeat Ventures, LLC.

Therabody, which pioneered percussive therapy with Theragun, facial health with TheraFace, and sleep-assistance SmartGoggles, says that its compression wearables elevate compression therapy, which is widely used for recovery, circulatory issues, edema, and pain.

With the addition of vibration, Therabody’s latest wellness offering can accelerate circulation, reduce tension, improve range of motion, and relieve soreness and pain.

According to Therabody, its new RecoveryPulse sleeves can be a game changer for fitness enthusiasts who enjoy running, cycling, tennis, and golf, but they are also useful for use during and after travel, for those who work on their feet or stand for long periods of time, and for those who sit or work at a computer.

The new vibrating wearables can also help with chronic conditions like golfer’s and tennis elbow, circulatory problems, sore muscles, and general aches and pains. There are three vibration modes available, allowing users to tailor their therapy to their specific needs and level of comfort.

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“We developed Recovery Pulse to make pain relief as convenient as possible,” said Therabody co-founder and Chief Wellness Officer Dr. Jason Wersland. “We hope that if people can use a device that is convenient and comfortable enough to wear under their clothes, they will use it more frequently, even wear it to work. Whether people use it between sets in a workout or someone like a nurse wears it under their scrubs, we really don’t want people to think pain and discomfort have to be normal or accepted.”

The co-founder, who started his own chiropractic practice in 2006, was involved in a motorcycle accident in 2007 that resulted in a 9-millimeter disc bulge injury, which changed the course of his life, leading to the creation and patenting of Theragun as a result of his own pain experiences.

At the start of 2023, Therabody appointed health and wellness industry veteran Monty Sharma as president and CEO.

Last year, Therabody filed six lawsuits to prevent unauthorized e-commerce sales from Amazon Marketplace and made a move to protect its intellectual property. The wellness tech company also accused T.J. Maxx for attempting to imitate its Theragun smart percussive therapy devices.

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